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21st June 1917
21st June 1917
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Page 1, 21st June 1917

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Land Under the Plough : 'total Increase to Date this Year.

The official figures were stated in the House of Commons, on Wednesday of last week, for the increase in area of land under the...

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Experiences with Coal-gas. V.

Some Economical Running in Grimsby. Very considerable success—both realized and in prospect—can be named in respect of the use...

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The Aeroplantechnicon.

Doubts About the Immediate Success of Commercial Aircraft. By "The Inspector." I finished up a day in town last week, already...

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One Hears

Of blueprints and misprints. Of too much action without - warning. More -and more W.D. cries for ,spares. , That it's as well...

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Chariots of War I Have Driven.

No. 5. —THE DAIMLER. Personal Experiences with Daimlers in France. By One of Our "Despatches" Contributors. is probable...

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The Wheels of _ Industry.

" The wheel of vealth will be slowed by all difficulties of transport at whatever points arising, as a carriage is by the...

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We are agais able to congratulate the Tramways and Motors • Committee , of the Sheffield Corporation, of which committee...


The results of the eleventh annual written technical 'examinations of commercial motor drivers held by the Commercial Motor...

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More About the French M.T.

From Our Paris Correspondent. (Continued from page 338). Female Labour Employed. Specialized parts ball bearings, Magnetos,...

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Out and Home. he Raid. Coal-gasB y

Air Delivery. "The Extractor." Too Exciting. When the recent air raid in London was in progress I happened to be in my...

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Opinions from Others.

The Editor invites correspondence on all subjects connected with the use of commercial motors. Letters should be on one slue of...

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Our Despatches from the Front (No. 144).

A Motor Lorry in the Wilds of East Africa. M.T. EXPERIENCES IN E. AFRICA. (Continued from page 341.) Shortly after this we had...

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Answers to Queries.

Wants to Delay poing Overseas. [4258] (M.T. Man). - - We cannot do anything in the matter which you mention. It is better that...

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Lamps Alight.

Light your lamps at 9.52 in London; 11.3 in Edinburgh, 10.20 in Newcastle, 10.15 in Liverpool, 10.4 in Birmingham, 10.1 in...

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With Intent to Improve.

A Weekly Summary of Recent Patents, of Interest to the Maker and User of Commercial Motor Vehicles, Selected and Abridged by...