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20th April 1916
20th April 1916
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Page 1, 20th April 1916

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Should Steam Be Brought Into Line ?

We invite communications, in the form of " Opinions from Others" or articles, showing the reasons—at least to the satisfaction...

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One Hears

The following Rumours, of which the Press Bureau has no Confirmation, but to the Publication of which, we imagine, it will take...

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A Brief Name for a Small Chassis. This short word of three letters describes an American example of light-van construction,...

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Whiting 1916 Models.

Whiting (1915), Ltd., of 334-340, 'Huston Road, N.W., has now a complete range of commercial-yehide chassis available for quick...

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London' s Lady Lorry-vendor.

An Agent Whose Telegraphic Address and Business Capabilities are Apparently Contradictory. A phenomenon brought about by the...

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Our Despatches from the Front (No. 84).

In Alexandria. Thornycrofts for the Tigris. Three Good Tales. WITH TEE R. E. s. 26th March, 1916. Following is related one...

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The Chase Agricultural Tractor.

An Illustrated Description of an American Type of Agrimotor which has a Number of Interesting Structural Characteristics. To...

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The Wheels of Industry.

" The wheel of wealth will be slowed by all difficulties of transport at whatever points arising, as a carriage is by the...

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From Engine to Axle.

Following the recent papers read before the Institution of Automobile Engineers, which have dealt respectively with rear axles...

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Neutral Notes.

News of the Industry in Neutral Countries, However Sparse, is . of Peculiar Interest at the Moment. Particularly is this so of...

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The Law of Heavy Motorcars—III.

Buying a Commercial Vehicle. By a Barrister-at-Law. The purchase of a commercial motor is by no means a simple problem to the...

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Yet Another Ford Conversion,

In the Eros Tonlode, we have yet another variant of the converted Ford. To be precise, the name is applied to the additional...

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Answers to Queries.

Treatment of Motor Char.a.bancs. [2955] (Yorks.).—We have no reason to think that char-A-banes work will be prohibited. Wants...

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Patents Completed.

Renault Gearbox. Peugeot Agricultural Tractor. Sunbeam Oil,-Pump Mounting. A Wick-feed Carburetter. Copies of complete...