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19th October 1905
19th October 1905
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Page 1, 19th October 1905

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Drivers for Public Services.

There are signs that motor omnibus companies have been allowing men to drive these valuable machines without sufficient...

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The Motor Omnibus World.

Further meetings for members and associates of the Soc. M.O. Eng. will be held. at the Hotel Cecil on the second Monday in each...

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Royal Commission on London Traffic.

The second published volume of the report of the Royal Commission on London Traffic has been printed for His Majesty's...

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Openings for the Middleman.

{Concluded from page 77.) It is in this branch of commercial automobilism that the four-cylinder petrol engine takes the lead,...

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The Evolution of Modern Driving Chains.

(Continued from page 79 ) The figures published last week illustrated the steady progress in chain design from die crude chain...

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The German A.C. Van and Omnibus Trials.

The conditions for the above trials were published in THE COMMERCIAL MOTOR " on July 20th, a general map of the route on...

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Electric Tramcars or Motor Omnibuses?

Experts' Reports to, and discussion by, the Oxford City Council. We publish to-day our third instalment of the highly in...

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Proceedings Soc. M. 0. Eng.

Officially Communicated by the Secretary. The fourth meeting of council, for the first session, was held at the registered...

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Winter Wheels. The Editor, " THE Commeactar. MOTOR." Sir :•—Do you know of any real good frost wheels for use on motor...

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The Motor Drivers News.

A Yorkshireman's experience. " G.B." (Birtley) writes us on the etth instant as follows : Until about six years ago I had...

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Pie-Crust Highways.

A Plea for Uniformity in Road Construction and Maintenance. A public highway is, presumably, intended to be a weightsustaining...

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Abridgments of Interesting Patent Specifications.

No. 24,376, dated November loth, 1 9 0 4. —Clutch.—Clifton.—On the shaft (al) is a wheel (a) carrying cylinders (b). Each...