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18th July 1947
18th July 1947
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Page 1, 18th July 1947

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Keep to Your Word

N OT many years ago the world looked upon a Briton's word as his bond. There may have been a few instances in which such...

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Hears— Of several improved methods of bus body con struction. Of questions as to how people can be prevented from boarding or...

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• News of the Week A VITAL FACTOR IN NATIONALIZATION O NE of the most important points in the Transport Bill, and one to...

Appeal Tribunal Clarifies Position of Newcomers A LTHOUGH there are

good reasons I — I why the holder of a defence permit, who did not hold a carrier's licence before the war, should be treated...

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Operators Warn "Unofficial" Strikers A NY employee who fails to

report rA for duty at the proper time, without a good reason, and to carry out his duties in accordance with the rules and...

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Compromise in Scarborough Squabble C OMPLAINT was made by the chairman

of the Yorkshire Traffic Commissioners (Major F. S. Eastwood), at a public inquiry in Scarborough, last Friday, that the...

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Simple to• Build and Maintain

The New Leyland Cab D ESIGNED to be easily removed from the chassis and to be quickly repaired, the cab adopted by Leyland...

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Equipment that Saves Manpower

Trucks for Transport and Stacking in the Works A T no time in industry has there been a greater need for economizing in labour...

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The Operating Theatre Goes to the Patient

Birmingham Inaugurates New Accident Service Made Possible by the Use of a Mobile Surgical Unit Designed, Built and Presented by...

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A New System of

Light Metal Bodybuilding Prefabricated Units and Panelling of Light Alloy Employed in New 56-seater Bus Body. Al! Components...

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Swashplate Pump for High Pressures

T HE principle of the swashplate or rocking disc has attracted the attention of inventors for many years. It has been employed...

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Is the Road-making Industry Abreast of the Times?

I N these days of great technical achievements, when the exceptiona[ is frequently regarded as commonplace, it is hardly...

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Should Rear Lighting be Standardized ?

IN the interests of national safety and the prevention of accidents, I would like to draw particular attention in "The...

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A T noon on Monday next, July 21, at Olympia, London, Mr. C. R. Attlee, the Prime Minister, will open the first post-war Public...

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The Lords Make the Bill More Workable

On Report Stage, Various Concessions to Road Transport Operators, Passenger and Goods, were Obtained, One Allowing the B.T.C....

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1 HE "People's Parliament" at Westminster is really determined to take over transport, despite the thousands of signatures to...

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Improved Automatic Chassis -Lubrication

A Résumé of Recently Published Patent Specifications COMING from Tecalemit, Ltd., and Is-sC. Le Clair, both of Great West...