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16th November 1905
16th November 1905
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Page 1, 16th November 1905

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The Royal Commission.

Representatives of the Motor Van and Wagon Users' Association are to appear before the Royal Commission on the Motor Car Acts...

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News and Comment.

An important announcement b) business department appears on page 176 of this issue. We firmly believe that the day is past and...

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The Motor Omnibus World.

The Mersey Railway Company's motor omnibuses are being fitted with Royal Sirdar Buffer tyres. The business of White's Carriage...

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Highway Bridges.

Specially written for "The Commercial Motor" by H. Howard Humphreys, M.Inst.C.E., M.Inst.Mech.E., Consulting Engineer on Roads...

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The Emission of Smoke and Steam,

How Trouble may be Avoided. Attention has been drawn more than once in the pagrs " THE COM Si SIKCIAL MOTOR within the last...

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What to See—What Must Not be Missed. By the Editor. 7- 10-m4m - row (Friday) will witntee, the .opening of the fourth Annual...

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Thornycroft Omnibuses in Malta.

Introduction of the Motor Vehicle Confers Inestimable Advantages on the Island. 11e were able to quoted above, after make an...

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Men Worth Knowing.

Mr. J. Meeredy MacLulich. Mr. James Merredy MacLulich was the originator of twill and triplet tyres, and of the mileage basis...

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The Equipment and Organisation of a Motor Repair Shop or Running Shed.

SIXTH ARTICLE. We give a further section in continuation of the series which has been published at intervals since our issue...

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Motor Fire Plant. The Editor, " THE COMMERCIAL Moron." Sir :—In your account of the new motor fire apparatus for the...

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Vanadium Steel:

(Concluded from page 152.) The effect of the combination of the two constituents in a steel designed to resist torsion is...

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Society of Engineers.

At the last meeting of the Society , of Engineers, held at the Royal United Service Institution, Whitehall, on Monday evening,...

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The Motor Van and Wagon Users' Association.

Important Discussions in Committee. A meeting of the committee of the Motor Van and Wagon Users' Association was held at 119,...

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Abridgments of Interesting Patent Specifications.

Nu. 2ti,eos, catecl December 6th, tec.4—Friction clutch.—Arbey.— The clutch member (G) is fast on the driving shaft (H). The...