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15th June 1940
15th June 1940
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Page 1, 15th June 1940

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Factors Ensuring Victory

T HAT we shall win this war we have no shadow of doubt, but the time that will be taken in doing so depends very largely upon...

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Freedom From Red Tape Essential

W HEN reviewing the position of road transport in war-time, it is not very difficult to understand the dissatisfaction so often...

Passing Comments

Obtaining Pig Iron er'HERE are only a few from Minute Iron I installations in the world Waste which make it possible to pro...

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One Hears— That the borrowing of buses by municipalities leads to the idea that a bus pool might be formed.

That the arrangements for cattle transport by road constitute an example of sound organization. That, despite the ban on the...

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NEWS of the WEEK

RATES FOR HAULAGE OF SANITARY PIPES T HE rates given below have been agreed between manufacturers of sanitary pipes and...

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French Concessions for Indigenous Fuels

/N February a decree concerning the 'utilization of home-produced fuels was passed by the French Government. From January 1,...

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OPINIONS and QUERIES The Editor invites correspondence on all subjects

connected with the use of commercial motors. Letters should be written on only one side of the paper. The right of abbreviation...

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Operating Aspects of Passenger Transport •

BUS-REVENUE SETBACK AT GLASGOW R EVENUE of the Glasgow municipaltransport services during the year ended May 31 last fell...

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Good Results from Manchester Gas Bus

Crossley Single-decker Convertzd from Oil to Operate on Town Gas Carried in Lowpressure Container A SINGLE-DECK oil-engined...

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New Angle on Economics of Producer Gas

Prominent Operator Enabled to Continue 'Using Old Vehicle with High Petrol Cons u mp tion Rate, by Converting it to Solid...

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Official Schedule, Authorized by the Ministry of Food, Now in Force T HE accompanying schedule of rates for the carriage of...

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:74 HAULAGE REQUIREMENTS Answering the Spoken Q the Unspoken Question of Movement, Ltd., Describec Expedient, Explained. A in...

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PAST ONE A Comparison, Bridging 25 Years, of Experience in Training Drivers for Military Service By A Technical Officer I N...

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Danish Crankshaft Grinder

To Be Made in This Country TheSeest Centreless Precision Grinder, Formerly Handled by Warner Engineering Equipment, Ltd., Now...

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Suspension System Having Air as Resilient Medium

F ROM Firestone Tire and Rubber Co., Ltd., Great West Road, Brentford, comes patent No. 519,877 describing a novel suspension...