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12th June 1942
12th June 1942
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Page 1, 12th June 1942

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Future of Passenger-vehicle Design

S UCH a colossal upheaval as has been enforced by this war is certain to have many minor, as well as major, repercussions, and...

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Fuel Quality and Its Effect on Engine Design

CEW can foretell with any reasonable degree of accuracy the major and minor effects of such a widespread war as that in which...

P assing Comments Our Technical Staff is VUHILE reading new patent

at the Service of VI' specifications we are often Inventors surprised by the number of ideas that appear to be unworkable....

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One Hears

That it is inane to neglect methane. That a Bucks van owner has been fined for using his vehicle without mudguards. That in...

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News of the Week

PROVISION OF NIGHT MEALS FOR WORKERS U NDER a recent Order, restaurants, canteens, cafés, etc., as from June 15, may not serve...

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£500 Fines on Yorkshire Haulier

VINES totalling £500 were imposed 1 at Doncaster, on June 5, upon Mr. Harry Richards, haulage contractor, of Cooke Street,...

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First Aid Guide for the Transport Man—No. 2

S HOCK, which is a sudden lowering of the vitality of the body, will always be caused by severe injuries, and can easily be...

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Gas Producers Must Have Comparative Trials

Judgment Should Be On Maintenance of Schedule, Performance On Various Fuels, Simplicity In Operation and Maintenance, and...

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W OMEN are now being trained in the Army as motor fitters. A six weeks' course is given to . suitable women who care to...

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Big Cartage Contractor Likes Government Plant

Five Improved G.E.P. Producer-gas Units and Five B.C.U.R.A. Outfits are Giving Satisfaction in the Hands of Carter Paterson and...

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How Has the Mark I Producer Been Improved

Some Interesting Pointers on Methods by Which More Satisfactory Operation Could Be Achieved, By John Stewart A QUESTION which...

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Trailer Pump with Strong Protecting Cage

A Resume of Recently Published Patent Specifications S MALL portable fire-pumps are usually required to go into action with...