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The Purchase Department.

9th October 1913, Page 17
9th October 1913
Page 17
Page 17, 9th October 1913 — The Purchase Department.
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You Can Get It At—

MW." (Old Ford).—In reply to your inquiry as to the name of London firm specializing in induction piping and copper tank work, you should apply to the Atlas Copper Works, 148-150, Pentonville Road, or to Randall's Works, Green Street, Paddington Green.

Stelastic Tyres.

There have been many different inventions put on the market from time to time by which the inventors have endeavoured to combat the different evils to which the pneumatic tire is subjected, but often the guarding against trotbles with respect to cuts and punctures has resulted in other detrimental effects either in quality of the tread or the resiliency of the tire itself. A steel armoured pneumatic tire that has been brought to our notice, it is claimed, embodies in its construction the maximum of durability and resiliency together with coolness under working conditions ; this is the Stelastic, which is now marketed by Hunts, Ltd., 117, Long Acre, London, W.C.

As will be seen from the illustration, the tread is of a composite nature, in which is incorporated the durability of steel with the elasticity of rubber. This is accomplished by building up the tread with small steel spirals, which armour should render the tread of the tire practically immune from punctures or cuts. It should also prove a good medium towards preventing sideslip. We are informed that. during a recent road test of these tires, fitted to a Daimler machine, and conducted under observation by the R.A..C., a distance of 20,000 miles was covered without a single cut or puncture °mussing. We understand that, besides doing a considerable business in pneumatic tires, the concern also inanufaes tures solid Stelastic tires, which have been adopted on some of the London motorbuses and fire-engines. It has been a noticeable feature that sideslips on machines fitted with Stelastic tires have been greatly lessened. Eiseakann LightingjDynamo.

Our illustration shows the latest practice of the Eisemann Magneto Co. in the matter of balanced dynamos for car-lighting purposes, This firm, as is well known, have had a considerable amount of experience in technical designing and construction of many classes of electrical instruments, and this experience has been utilized in the direction of manufacturing a dynamo Of high efficiency which is considered to be quite proof against ill-usage.

The dynamo is made on a new principle, and ineorporated in its construction is a patent balancing device, which, the company claims, produces the safest and most effective lighting unit of its on the market. Its maximum output is 180 watts. The objects of the balancing devices are :—To keep the voltage always constant ; to control the supply to the accumulators in two directions ; as soon as the dynamo is generating a correct amount of current for the accumulator, and at the precise moment when the accumulator is fully charged, to cut out the dynamo. A subsidiary controlling device is included whereby the dynamo can be utilized as a direct means of supplying the lamps without the conjunction of the accumulators. It will thus be seen that intermittent voltage caused by varying armature speeds, which has a very detrimental effect upon the lamp filament, is automatically guarded against.

It might be suggested that these electrical improvements would lead to complications. We understand, however, that they are of an extremely simple nature, and are neither delicate nor complicated, being connected up with the main circuit in such a, way as to give a, uniform lighting output. The armature windings are protected against any extraneous heat, and the overall size of the fitting is not in excess of any modern magneto. It is fixed to its housing bracket by means of a strap.

Models are constructed in which the driving shaft projects through the dynamo, so that a magneto can be driven direct. The London address of the company is 43, Berners Street, W.


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