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D EMONSTRATIONS were given in London recently of a new type

5th August 1966, Page 43
5th August 1966
Page 43
Page 43, 5th August 1966 — D EMONSTRATIONS were given in London recently of a new type
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of vehicle washer from America to be produced and marketed in Britain by Ultrasonic Machines Ltd. Whilst the unit is similar in appearance to some other types of washer made, in that a frame carrying nozzles is lowered and raised around the vehicle, a novel method of removing dirt is employed.

The unit is called the Ultrasonic Vehicle Washer and the principle employed is that two electrically charged chemicals, one positive and one negative, are pumped at high pressure and with a highfrequency pulsating action through the jets in the washer frame. Special pumps produce 40,000 pulsations per minute and as the jets hit the side of the vehicle the vibration set up on the surface loosens the dirt. As the chemicals are oppositely charged, the dirt is lifted from the vehicle.

Although called "Ultrasonic", sound does not enter into the• system and to get the full cleaning action, the sides and ends of the vehicle should be no more than 6 to 8 in. from the jets. This means that the roof and bonnet of a normal-control vehicle rely on the electric-charges of the chemicals and on the demonstrations this was found to be sufficient. In the case of tanker vehicles the present design of the washer would not give perfect cleanliness on the curved surfaces but it is understood that special nozzle extensions for this type of vehicle will eventually be made available.

At present units for use on commercial vehicles are being concentrated on and models suitable for vehicles with overall lengths up to 20 ft., 30 ft., 40 ft. and 50 ft. are available and the end jet units can be made adjustable to give 6 ft. to 9 ft. variations at each end.

The Ultrasonic Vehicle Washer is only available under a leasing plan and this includes regular maintenance. The necessary chemicals are supplied by the concern and as an example it is said that a regularly-washed vehicle, 20 ft. long by 10 ft. high would cost less than is per wash. On the demonstration the unit performed well and after a cleaning operation lasting less than 2 min. the van worked on was perfectly clean. Apart from the cleanliness the fact that the labour required was less than half the usual is a major advantage with the unit.

Makers : Ultrasonic Machines Ltd., 96 Piccadilly, London, WI.

Price : From £60 per month for 20 ft-long model to £102 per month for 50 ft.-long model reducing to £15 and £25 per month respectively after five years.


Locations: London

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