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British Ex-haulier Takes Oilers to Canada

18th November 1949
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Page 37, 18th November 1949 — British Ex-haulier Takes Oilers to Canada
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A PIONEER British haulier, Mr. ..t-1 Robert Hanson-, of Huddersfield, is now introducing oil-engined. vehicles into Canada.

'Following the British. Transport Commission's purchase of their large long-.distance haulage interests, Mr. Hanson and his sons, Mr. James Hanson and Mr. William Hanson, recently acquired control of Crawford Cartage, Ltd., Hamilton, Ontario. Already they have added two British oil-engined vehicles to the petrol-driven machines in that company's fleet, and a dozen more British oilers have been ordered.

• This information was . given to a correspondent. by Mr. Robert Hanson. who has just returned to Huddersfield from Hamilton, where Mr. James Hanson is managing the Crawford undertaking in co-operation with.Mr. Walter Crawford, founder of the business.

"A large Canadian operator to whom I showed fuel and mileage figures for a fortnight's operation of the two oilers that we are already running in Ontario was so impressed that he immediately asked for facilities, which were readily granted, to try one of the machines," W. Hanson said.

Remarking on the wide use of articulated vehicles in Canadian road haulage, Mr. Hanson said: We intend to introduce British oilers of the..artictiLated type into the Crawford Cartage fleet, which, apart from the two oilengined vehicles so far added, at present comprises about 80 petrol-driven tractors and about 120 trailer units."

The 50 m.p.h. limit for all vehicles in Canada had tended in road haulage to encourage adherence to the petrol engine for the sake of high operating speeds, but he felt that when the oiler's lower costs of operation and other advantages were demonstrated to Canadian operators, many of -them would be content with a small sacrifice in speed in order to obtain those benefits.

The Canadian haulage undertaking of which Mr. Hanson and his sons have acquired control is similar, on a smaller scale, to the Iong-distanee businesses in which they were formerly interested in Britain, the traffic including both smalls and bulk loads_ In addition to the headquarters at -Hamilton, the company has major depots in Toronto and London .and eight smaller branches. Hauls range up to about 150 miles, which, on the Canadian speed basis, can be comfortably covered in under five hours' travelling time.

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