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Passing Comments

18th November 1949
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Page 30, 18th November 1949 — Passing Comments
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Touring and Selling THE need for international, Difficulties Through A or at least European, Regulations . . , standardization of vehicle dimensions was emphasized to us by an official of the French Renault concern. In France, the maximum allowable width of a bus is 2.50 metres, whereas in Switzerland it is 2.47 metres. This difference of a little over an inch may cause a lot of difficulty, but is typical of the lack of co-operation between those who conceive the regulations for different countries.

Honesty the Rest TRAVELLING recently in Policy, but Sometimes a a crowded bus, we came to

Annoying the conclusion that honesty can be a nuisance, The conductor was upstairs when a man, who had not paid his fare, thrust lid. into the hand of his neighbour, saying, "Pay this for me," and dashed out. The recipient said, "I'm getting out, too," and passed A28 the money to a girl next to him. The conductor was still on top when we left the bus, and by that time the lid, had been pressed upon four more or less unwilling passengers. We wondered whether it ultimately reached' the right satchel

ObtainingthatStreamQ)ME British and foreign line Effect in Two 1.—Jcoaches are given a stream

Ways line effect by painting the • wings or wheel arches in a different colour from that of the remainder of the body and continuing the paintwork as a taper down to the base of the body sides. Some French bodybuilders have carried this idea further, the body panels being bulged out in line with the wings and rear-wheel arches. One disadvantage of this that we can see is that a glancing blow on a wing might result in scoring the side panels for almost their whole length. The introduction of polished mouldings to prevent scoring might, however, spoil the effect.

Where the Fresh-air pARIS urban buses carry Fiend Is Completely . 4, a notice which rather

Ignored . . amused us, Translated, it

reads as follows:—" At each terminal point the conductors should open or shut the windows, according to the fixed instructions of the terminal office in respect °Utile temperature and atmospheric conditions. Passengers may modify the window opening during the journey, but in case of argument the conductor should pay attention to those who require the windows to be shut" It seems that no great consideration is to be given to those requiring fresh air, which is rather typical of .passenger transportin France. Special Cushion Tyres IJSEFIJL types of., semi

for Truck Driving pn e u ma t ig and solid

Wheels . . cushion tyres for the driven wheels of industrial machines, such as works trucks, etc., have been introduced by the Goodyear concern In the ordinary way, creeping on the rim is practically .unavoidable with a smooth-base cushion tyre when used on a driven wheel, so that the new models have special lug bases, the lugs fitting into corresponding recesses of the wheel rim. Complete tyre and wheel assemblies cost little more than those with plain rims as used on free-rolling wheels. They are made in two sizes, 20 by 4 and 16 by 4.


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