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11th July 1969, Page 50
11th July 1969
Page 50
Page 50, 11th July 1969

* Freight Fling

There was some enterprising selling of freight service at the Royal Highland Show recently, I'm told. BRS had a stand at the Ingleston showground near Edinburgh and as well as......

*. Not Biting?

An authority on such questions says that the enforcement of the braking and plating regulations appears to be lagging well behind the programme that was envisaged. He is F. P.......

* Package Deal

When I visited him, Pat Parkes had just returned from a lightning business trip—two days in the States, a weekend in Canada and two days in Brussels. His company's products......

* Smashing

A transport driver was enjoying his fried ham, bread and tea in a "caff" when three leather-jacketed, space-helmeted toughs arrived. They elbowed him around and pretty well......

* Snaky

Why on earth do we have to suffer such vague and complicated road layouts at some of the motorway service areas? I used to think that the Aust service area by the Severn Bridge......