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6th July 1979, Page 19
6th July 1979
Page 19
Page 19, 6th July 1979

T Nnel Inquiry Call

NEW call for the Mersey Tunnel authorities to reconsider heir licy towards liquified petroleum gas is likely to be made )eca e of the petrol price and supply position. Pet r......

Promote Transport

THE GOVERNMENT has been asked by Merseyside Chamber of Commerce and Industry to recognise the importance of the transport industry in all its forms by ensuring that the......

Iralw Stalybridge Stopover Spurned

A NEW E9,000 lorry park with room for 30 vehicles in Bridge Street, Stalybridge, is being ignored by drivers who prefer to leave their vehicles outside their homes in town......

Bodybuilders Frankfurt Call

THE VEHICLE Builders and Repairers Association is organising a visit to the frankfurt Motor Show from Friday to Sunday September 21 to 23 to study continental body manufacturing......

They Moved!

TRAILOR (UK) Limited has pointed out that we used its previous address in our directory of trailer manufacturers on June 22. The new address is Trailor (UK) Limited, Sporton......