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2nd October 1970, Page 22
2nd October 1970
Page 22
Page 22, 2nd October 1970

Carryfast A New Name In Transport

• The major activity of the Miles Druce Group in the transport and distribution field from November 2 comes under a new trading title, Carryfast Ltd. Carryfast will specialize......

Road To Rural Preservation Rac Chief

• A bigger and better road programme would preserve the countryside and not destroy it, asserted Lord Chesham, RAC executive vice-chairman, speaking at Norwich on Wednesday.......

One-day Seminars

• A 1970-71 programme of RTITBrecognized one-day seminars organized principally for transport and distribution managers and executives is announced by the consultancy firm......

Brs Parcels At Basingstoke

• A new BRS Parcels branch to serve the North Hampshire area was opened last week at Basingstoke by Maj-Gen A. F. J. Elmslie. The branch premises are on a 31-acre site on the......

Show Business

• One of the major fleet operators in Ireland ordered 100 vehicles from Chrysler UK Ltd at the Show. The order, worth £108,000, was given by Boland Rent-a-Van for 80 2500 Series......