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24th December 1971, Page 36
24th December 1971
Page 36
Page 36, 24th December 1971

Wheel Trolley

An addition to the Bendix Westinghouse range of wheel service equipment is the commercial vehicle wheel trolley. It enables wheel assemblies weighing up to 125016 to be removed......

Pressure Washers

Two mobile high-pressure washers both using cold water and powered by electric motors have been added to the Kleen King range of pressure washers marketed by Automations Inter......

Hydraulic Crane

Three models of hydraulic crane — the AC with 1, 1.5 and 2.5 tons maximum lift capacities and a maximum lift of 1 ton at eft Sin, jib extension to a height of lift 6in. have......

Storage Bins

Link MK colour bins — in widths of 92mm and 'It and in two depths, 30C 400mm — will fit into E any standard racking sy and hold most sized and s parts. Height is common bins at......

Hydraulic Pump

A Haskei air-driven r designated model MDT5 complete separation for exchange of contaminant victing flows of up to 3 gp pressures up to 500 psi w hp limitation, is marketed t......