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22nd April 1999, Page 24
22nd April 1999
Page 24
Page 24, 22nd April 1999

Ursa Charges

I have read with some interest the correspondence relating to parking fees. I have one Ghent who is being asked to pay £90 because a driver did not pay a parking fee when making......

Act Now!

The whole of the haulage industry should be grateful to those who took direct action in London to draw the Government's attention to the hopeless plight of our industry. We......

Loose Wheels

With regards to your legal news story on the operator who was fined £660 for "wheel danger" { CM25-31 March), it states that the remaining seven nuts were so tight that they had......

Rail Debate

It is a pity that you allowed the debate about road and rail to be clouded by Lord Berkeley's letter (CM8-14 April). He quotes the OXERA report (referring only vaguely to "the......

United Front

I am concerned that it appears only the small haulage companies or owners-drivers are causing disruption and complaining about the recent increases in road tax and fuel......