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9th December 1939
9th December 1939
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Page 1, 9th December 1939

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In War Prepare for Peace

T HE period immediately following the termination of the war of 19141918 saw the foundation of the road-haulage industry as we...

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Passing Comments

Railways' ConsideraIN connection with the pro tion or Poor Road I posed scheme by which the Hauliers railways would carry loads...

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One Hears—

That some agricultural-tractor owners are using in their private cars fuel intended for the machines. That, if this be true,...

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NEWS of the WEEK

I N an official statement published on Wednesday, Mr. W. E. Rootes, President of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and...

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Road-transport Topics in Parliament

By Our Special Parliamentary Correspondent PETROL COUPONS ISSUED TOO IN the House of Commons Mr. Levy submitted to the...

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Criticisms of A.R.O. Traffic Scheme

THE following letter on the A.R.O. Traffic Scheme has been received from Mr. M. R. Bennett, a director of Richardson Transport...

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A Producer-gas Critic Turns His Guns On His Opponents

Much Interest Has Been Aroused by the Strong Criticisms of Producer Gas Made by Mr. J. Walton and Now He Deals With Many of the...

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E.R.F. Introduces

an hydraulic Tipping Gear Twin-ram End-operating Apparatus of 71 Tons Capacity and Sound Construction and Design A NUMBER of...

New Water-using Gas Producer

Superheated Steam and Preheated Air Among Features of the Hydrogas Plant WITH the announcement of the VV introduction of a new...

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A Well-equipped Auxiliary Fire-fighter

Barking Fire Brigade Takes Delivery of a Smart Appliance Intended to Ease the Work Tackled by Larger Machines A PARTICULARLY...

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Tyre Life is Your Responsibility How the Man at the Wheel can Protect and Lengthen the Life of the Tyre by Following a Few,...

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Warming Engines in Open-air Parks

New Radright Portable Unit which Maintains Cooling Water at Operating Temperature T maintain an engine temperature high enough...

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Foundations of Success in

SUGAR BEET HAULAGE I T was originally intended that this article should be all about sugar-beet haulage in South Lincolnshire,...

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Transport Notes for

Those Who Run Bedfords By F. S. Groom Editor, "The Bedford Transport Magazine." I MENTIONED, last month, the little 1...

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Operating Aspects of

• PASSENGER TRANSPORT SPECIAL SERVICES TO RECEPTION AREAS WHILST the Minister of Transport W is not encouraging long-distance...

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Rocking-floor Low-loading Trailer

C ABLE-DRUMS and electric transformers are typical of the loads for which a special trailer, shown in patent No. 513,598 is...