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8th November 1940
8th November 1940
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Page 1, 8th November 1940

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Keep Traffic Routes Open

S OON after his - appointment as Minister of Transport, Lieut.-Col, MooreBrabazon accorded us an interview, at which we raised...

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Road Transport's War Services Must be

Remembered A WELL-KNOWN paper in the generaltransport field, Modern Transport, in its leader of September 28 made certain...

Passing Comments Food Vehicles are I N our issue of

September 27 Unlikely to Have Fuel we published a paragraph Cuts entitled "Requisitioning Ex cended t o Food-transport...

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One Hears

Of record receipts 01 some municipal bus undertakings. That London still has diversions other than those in its...

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NEWS of the WEEK

RATES FOR CHRISTMAS POST OFFICE HIRE F URTHER to the paragraph on page • 226 of our issue dated October 25, when we advised...

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Operating Aspects of Passenger Transport

MORE EXPRESS BUSES IN LONDON L AST week, in this feature, we intimated that London Transport had instituted 10 express bus...

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There Is a Famine in Transport

Railways are Congested, Road Transport is Far Below its Normal Strength and Inadequate for its Work, and a Belligerent Attitude...

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The Automobile Engineer's Part in a Vital National Service

How One of the Industry's Leading Reconditioners is Helping to Maintain the Country's Road-transport Organization T 0 the...

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Nippy to Serve the Southern Railway R ECENTLY completed for the

Southern Railway is a batch of five Thornycroft Nippy 5 - 6 - ton articulated six-wheeled vehicles, of which one, with the...

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To Maintain the Transpo of Urgent Medical Supplies S O as to maintain unbroken continuity in the deliveries of essential...

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Maudslay Introduces New Big capacity 30 m.p.h. Model

The Merlin, Powered by a Gardner Oil Engine, Rated as a 6-tonner and Having Over 14 f t. of Body Space J UST over a year ago...

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and QUERIES DO THE RAILWAYS WELCOME ALTERNATIVE FACILITIES? WITH reference to the suggestion that if the railways " find...

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Clutch Engagement By Pedal Pressure

T HAT the driver can obtain a much nicer sense of " feel " with a clutch made to engage by pressing down the pedal, is one of...