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5th March 1914
5th March 1914
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Page 1, 5th March 1914

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Deep-lift Tests with Fire-engines.

Apropos the comparative tests at Leith, with representative turbine and reciprocal pumps, for fire-brigade purposes, to which...

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Personal Elements in Street Locomotion.

By the Editor. Everybody knows that, given a vehicle in normal condition, the occurrence of accidents is largely dependent...

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A New Commercar Model.

First-published Particulars of the Interesting One.tonner now being Constructed at the Luton Works. A New Gearbox. It is a...

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The Light Van Problem and How it Must

Be Tackled. The Attempt to Supersede the Horsed Cart. The Need for Low-priced Motor Units. The Work Capacity of a Horse. We...

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Important French Army Tractor Trials.

Early Advices from Our Own Correspondent. Preliminary operations in connection with the French all-wheeldrive tractor...

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A Perilous Char-a-bancs Trip.

Being an Amusing Account, by Mr. J. Graham Reece, of What is Believed to have been the First Organized Outing of the Kind in...

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News and Comment.

This journal is extensively read by the heads of many wealthy commercial houses. I.A.E. in Scotland. A branch of the...

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A New Road-wave Theory.

An American Suggestion that it is Caused by Atmospheric Alternations. The discussion to which Colonel Crompton's pulsation...

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Bicycle Box Vans.

Interesting Examples of Small fligh-speed Delivery Units. Since we are considering, in other columns, the many interesting...

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"Spot Hardening."

A Remarkable but Simple Method Adopted by Vickers, Ltd., which Likely to Supersede Much Present-day Case-hardening Practice....

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A Hydraulic System of Petrol Storage.

The problem of the storage of petrol in bulk has, for some time past, been one of great importance to the commercial-vehicle...

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Opinions from Others.

Skidding and Brakes. The Editor THE COMMERCIAL MOTOR. [1318] Sir,--With reference to your recent article, has it occurred to...

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Answers to Queries.

Our readers will be informed by the Editor on any points connected with the construction or use Of corninereial motors. Where a...

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The Purchase Department.

Where to Buy your Supplies. You Can Get It At " A.B." (Kingston).—The weather screen for which you inquire is made by T. C....

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from Drivers &Mechanics

TEN SHILLINGS WEEKLY is paid for the best communication received, and one penny a line of ten words for anything else...

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Patents Completed.

A Two-stroke Motor. Simplifying Silencing. Wrought and Welded Wheels. H. E. BEYER, No. 14,980, dated 30th June, 1913.—In this...