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25th September 1913
25th September 1913
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Page 1, 25th September 1913

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Activity in the North.

An increasing measure of success for the next North of Engiand Show is assured by the considerable response which is being...

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Britain' s Motor Manceuvres.

Perhaps the Most Important Feature of the 1913 Army Exercises, Now Proceeding, is the Great Test of Mechanical Transport from...

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One Hears,—

Much ado about creosote. OLanother American truck importation. That some bus drivers are a button short. That not every good...

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At the French Grand Manoeuvres.

The outstanding feature of this year's French Army manoeuvres, from a motor standpoint, was the use of four-wheeldrive tractors...

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In Public Service.

West Ham Town Council has accepted the Dennis tender, at £875, for a motor fire-engine, and that of Messrs. Lloyd and Plaister,...


The conference of Monday last, under the chairmanship of Sir George Askwith; K.C., Chief Industrial Commissioner, in London,...

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News and Comment.

This journal is extensively read by the heads of many wealthy commercial houses. We have not room for all the Manceuvre...

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Out and Home.—By "The Extractor."

"Are you a 'Man of Kent ' then, or a Kentish Man' " I inquired of Mr. W. A. Stevens, and, when transpired that he saw the...

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Small Users in Big Cities (No. 7). In the Granite City— Aberdeen.

Examples of Local Motorvan Delivery of Sugar, Syrup, Biscuits, Paint, Coal, Eggs, Fish and Boots. This Collection of Users and...

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A New Use for Road Guides.

A Suggestion of Increased Facilities for Commercial-vehicle Owners. By an Occasional Contributor. I have been watching, with...

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Motor Ambulance Costs.

Motor Power Cheaper Than Horses by 3d. a Mile. We are indebted to the courtesy of Dr. A. K. Chalmers, MW:, D.Ph. (Comb.),...

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The Purchase Department.

Where to Buy your Supplies. An Automatic Trailer-coupling. It is, of course, generally recognized that the coupling on any...

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Light Up Your Lamps At 6.52 on Thursday ; 6.49

on Friday ; 6.47 on Saturday; 6.43 on Monday ; 6.41 on Tuesday ; 6.39 on Wednesday next, Regulating Traffic at Converging...

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Increased Speed and Lower Consumption on a Char-a-hancs. [1334] " W.R.P." (Newcastle) writes :—" 'There is keen interest...

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Patents Completed.

Valve Grinding Device-An Adjustable Seat—Straker Engine Construction. H. W. PEIRtc, No. 2571, dated 31st January, 1913.—This...