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25th October 1940
25th October 1940
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Page 1, 25th October 1940

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Bland and Blundering Bureaucracy

G OVERNMENT Departments know, and practise; a variety of ways of shelving inquiries with which they prefer not to deal. We are...

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Passing Comments

The Customer Must T HE proximity of railway Always Be in the lines to many important Right ! constructional works seems to...

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One Hears

Of " coasts " that reduce costs. That the Editor was a guest last week at a Molotovcocktail party. Of service stations which...

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NEWS of the WEEK

COMPENSATION FOR WAR. DAMAGED VEHICLES I N conjunction with Mr. Norman Letts, the A.R.Q. solicitor, Mr. S. II. Jardine,...

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Justifying the New Wages Demand Mr. Corrin of the T.G.W.U.

Answers Some Leading Questions Put by Employers at a Recent Meeting in Leeds R EFERENCE to national negotiations which involve...

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The Motor Fuel of England Technical Facts about SaturatedHydro carbons which Include Petrol and Methane. There are Vast...

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Operating Aspects of Passenger Transport

LANCS. AND CHESHIRE BUS POOL PLANNED S EVEN general managers, members of Lancs. and Cheshire branch of the Municipal Tramways...

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• A New Type

Battery-electric Vehicle I T seems likely that a new sphere of employtnent for electric vehicles will shortly develop, as...

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Foden Introduces New Chassis Type

C "PRISING the range of established goods-vehkle -type's is a variety of wheel and tyre arrangements, Each serves its own...

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TO WAR-TIME SITUATIONS M ANY people have assumed that the effect of war-time . restrictions on municipal undertakings should...

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"Thames Valley" Bus Running Well on Producer Gas

A NUMBER of producer-gas units has for some time been in operation by the companies associated with Thomas Tilling, Ltd., and...

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How Transport Policy Can Be Reconstructed

Prkis of a Valuable, Frank and constructive Paper Read by Mr. F. Smith before the Institute of Transport A PARTICITLARLY...

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Clutch Specialist

Announces Centrifugal Model A N improved type of centrifugally operated clutch is shown in patent No. 525,777 by the Borg and...