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21st March 1907
21st March 1907
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Page 1, 21st March 1907

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The Coming 0 'Electric Transmission.

A little more than 18 months ago, or, to be precise, in our Editorial columns of the 4th September, 1905, we expressed the view...

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Observations at Olympia.

Ey Henry Sturmey. I spent a good deal of time at Olympia last week, v. hen I had a particularly good opportunity of observing...

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The Position oV the Internal-Combustion Motor.*

(Continued from page 55.) The curve in figure 1 gives the apparent specific heat of the particular working fluid in this...

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The Final Drive for Commercial Motors.

Chain-driven versus Gear-driven Chassis. (Continued from page 4.) Spur-gear Drive to Live Back Axle. Coming now to the...

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Petrol Motor Omnibuses.*

By W. Worby Beaumont, hi.I.Mech.E., M. Inst. C.E., Within the last two years the number of petrol omnibuses in greater London...

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The Motor Omnibus World.

The Amalgamated Motor Bus Company, Limited, recently put its second Brush double-deck omnibus to work on the Peckham and Oxford...

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News and Comment.

This Journal has the largest and most valuable circulation: it is the only journal which deals exclusively with commercial...

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Two Show Incidents.

The most comical incident, perhaps, occurred when something like the following conversation took place :— "Are you looking for...

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Business at Olympia.

lii orclur to focub the Trade View of tbe recent Olympia Show, w e took th e opp o etunity, durin g the last few days of the...

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The Petrol-Electric Drive for Motor Omnibuses.

By Alfred Hay, D. Sc. , Ni. I. E. E. Judging by the exhibits at the successful commercial motor show which has just come to an...

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Too Many Services on One Route. The Editor, " THE COMMERCIAL MoTok." Sir :—I see in " TUE COMMERCIAL MOTOR that the Eketrobus...

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Works Organisation.

By Percy Martin. In dealing with the strict subject of this paper, as indicated by the title, "Works Organisation," I fully...

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Society of Motor Omnibus Engineers.

Discussion on the Paper by Mr. Worby Beaumont. i : continued from page 8.) Continuing his remarks, Mr. Parker said that, in...

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The Motor Drivers News.

A Choked Exhaust Pipe. " C.B.P." (Levenshultne) asks us to insert the following letter :—"A singular experience befel me a few...

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Patents Completed.

TREMBLER DEVICE. — Prested. — 22,606, dated 12th October, 1906.—The spring (e) is fixed to one terminal member (c) and makes...