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1st October 1908
1st October 1908
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Page 1, 1st October 1908

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Unorganised Employers.

3E appears to us that the motoring and allied industries, at lea s t in the Metropolis, might do well to consider the proposals...

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The Italian Trials.

Report (continued) from Our Special Correspondent. The Italian Trials, in connection with the opening of the fine new bridge...

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Concerning Demonstration Trials.

By Henry Sturrney. Fer some years past, indeed, from the inceptien of the industry, it has been the custom for motor wagon...

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The London and Glasgow Parades.

The day after to-morrow (Saturday, the 3rd instant), the second parade of commercial vehicles and tractors, in connection with...

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The " Commer Car" Fire Engine.

Notes upon a new Six-Cylinder 50h.p. combined Power Pump, Escape Cart, and Chemical First-Aid Equipment. ‘1e have been...

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Utility Motors in France.

Trials Tor Builders' Motor Wagons in Paris. In our issue of 17th September, we published sonic preliminary particulars of the...

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The Motor Omnibus World.

A Platiormless Omnibus in Paris. The accompanying illustration is of a single-deck De Dietrich omnibus. It is one of a number...

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News and Comment.

This journal has the largest and best circulation, i.e., the total of subscribers' orders and actual sales through newsagents....

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Out and Home. _By "The Extractor."

It is pleasing to know that the Dunlop Rubber Company is quite busy with solid tires. Mr. Edgar Lound tells me that the agency...

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The Daimler-Knight Engine.

The Daimler Motor Company (1904), Limited, ol Coventry, has, tor some time past, been experimentin g with a new form of...

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The Bayard-Clement Taxicab Chassis.

Two distinct types of taxicabs are produced at the Bayard-Clement factory, on the banks of the Seine. They are similar in...

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From Our Berlin Correspondent.

Noise from Iron-shod Drays. The good people of Mayence have petitioned the Corporation to place a veto on brewers' drays with...


Tier Editor invites correspondence on all subjects connected with the use of commercial motors. Letters should be on one side...

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Answers to Queries.

Acts and Regulations. 11.371 BIRMINGHAM " writes :—"We have received from one of our customers a letter, of which we enclose a...

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Benzin, Benzine, Benzene, Benzol, Benzole and Benzoline.

Much confusion seems to exist between these terms, and the recent discussion in the " Chemist and Druggist " did not quite...

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Contributions from Drivers and Mechanics.

Ten Shillings Weekly for the Best Communication Received, and One Penny a Line of ten words for anything else published....

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Patents Completed.

SIX-WHEELED CIIASS1S.—De DionBouton (1907,) Ltd.—No. 1,444, dated 21st January, 1908.—This invention relates to an improved...