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1st June 1911
1st June 1911
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Page 1, 1st June 1911

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Coronation Congestion.

The traffic problem in London is approaching its final stages of acuteness. Nothing, probably, could be more conducive to...

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One Hears— That there can be no standing still in commercial motoring.

That:L.G.O.C. takings in a single week will touch £50,000 once at least this month. That a smart Dennis van is undertaking...

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The Development of the Steam Wagon,

By "Research." Steam wagons may come and go, but it must be evident to everyone interested that the most popular at the...

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Parade Notices.

400 Commercial Motors to Take Part: Coronation Dinner to 1,200 Drivers and their Friends. C.M.U.A. Arrangements for Completion...

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Yews contributions are invited: payment will be made on publication. Newcastle inhabitants are asking for motorbus services to...

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Fire-Brigade Matters.

The Edinburgh City Council has decided to delay the purchase of new petrol motor fire-engines until the beginning of 1912, and...

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News and Comment.

This journal is admitted to possess the influence, the men, the standing and the leading circulation. It is exclusively read by...

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Steam-wagon manufacturers are rather apt, at. times, to think that

people have gone " petrol mad," and they, no doubt, feel the competition of the petrol vehicle very keenly. It seems to me that...

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News contributions are invited: payment wilt be made on publication. The Provincial Motor Cab Co., Ltd., has arranged to...

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Opinions from Others.

The Editor invites correspondence on all subjects connected with the use of commercial motors. Letters should be on one side of...

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Answers to Queries.

A Weighbridge Wanted. "Buy.R" writes :—" Could you tell me of a good -linker to apply to for a road-vagon weighbridge to...

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Contributions from Drivers and Mechanics.

TEN SHILLINGS WEEKLY for the Best Communication Received, and One Penny a Line of ten words for any thing else published....

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The Supply Department.

Selected Information which is likely to be of Interest to Makers, Owners, and their Buyers. Machinery Sponge Cloths. We have...

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Patents Completed.

Complete specifications of the following patents will be sent to any address in the United Kingdom upon receipt of eightpence...