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19th March 1908
19th March 1908
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Page 1, 19th March 1908

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The Improvement of Acceleration.

The more one observes the conditions under which motoriuses work in the crowded streets of the Metropolis, the more does one...

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Utility Motors in France.

From Our Correspondent in Paris. The Compagnie Generale des Omnibus de Paris is at present running a G.E.M. petrol-electric...

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The Motor Omnibus World.

Summary of the London General and the Vanguard Companies' Circulars. The circular of the London General Omnibus Company,...

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Municipal Motorbuses : The Merthyr Tydvil Bill.

Much interesting evidence was given before the Select Committee of the House of Lords which considered the, Merthyr Tydvil...

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News and Comment.

This journal fosters, represents, and chronicles commercial motoring in all its branches; it has the largest and best...

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Out and Home.—By "The Extractor."

I am glad to hear that Maudslay's is extremely busy. It has been my lot during the last week to cut about London in a taxicab,...

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Cordingley' s Thirteenth Show.

The thirteenth annual exhibition of motor vehicles, promoted by Messrs. Cordingley and Company, will OpV11 its dE,3rS on...

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The Forthcoming Olympia Exhibition.

Forecast of the Vans, Lorries, IATagons, Tractors, Public-Service Vehicles, and of the Sundry Exhibits. The coming Olympia...

Mldays (SO).

One box van for a two-ton load, a lighter van for 12-15 cwt., a light van chassis, and a toh.p. railway inspection car, will...

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Exhibitors of Accessories, Components, Stores, Tires, Wheels, Etc.

Acetylene Illuminating Co. (157). This company, which has its offices at 268-270, South Lambeth Road, S.W., will stage...

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Darracq-Serpollet Motorbuses. The Editor, " THE COMMERCIAL MOTOR." Sir :-I note in your issue of the 13th instant, that you...

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From Our Berlin Correspondent.

Another company for the exploitation of motorcabs has just been formed in Budapest, and the Municipal Council of the Hungarian...

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The Use of Tools : Drilling Apparatus.

By an Engineer-in-Charge. One of the most useful tools especially in repair work where any drilling has to be done, is a...

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The Motor Drivers News.

Some Temporary Fittings or Motorbuses. " S.O.B." (Hampstead) writes the following letter :— " A few of my experiences may...

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Patents Completed.

HYDRAULIC TRANSMISSION GEAR.—Hele-Shaw.—No. 960, dated 14th January, 1907.—A series of cylinders (A) are arranged to radiate...