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Good Features in A Well-equipped Caravan

9th September 1932
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Page 71, 9th September 1932 — Good Features in A Well-equipped Caravan
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market developing for the sale of ammercial-motor chassis for the purpose of private travel, .interest attaches to a vehicle which has just been produced to the order of Mr. H. Leverett, of Ashwell, . Hertfordshire. Mr. Leverett was, before the war, engaged in horsed eartage in the London area, and in 1927 started a bus service between Eitchin and Cambridge, his business 'being disposed of to the Eastern National Omnibus Co., Ltd., in 1930. On this service he used Dennis vehicles, and because of the satisfaction he obtained from them he has chosen a Dennis Lancet chassis on which to construct a well-equipped caravan in. which he can tour the country.

The standard Dennis forward-control cab is fitted and the caravan body has been built by Messrs. W. L. Thurgood, the well-knewn passenger-vehicle bodybuilders, of Park Road, Ware, It has been possible to obtain an interior length of 22 ft. 5 ins., the interior width being about 6 ft. 10 ins. The length has been divided so as to provide three rooms. At the front is a bedroom 6 ft. 6 ins, long, whilst the central compartment forms a kind of bed-sitting room 9 ft. 6 ins, long, and at the rear is a kitchen 6 ft. long. The two dividing doors between the three compartments serve a dual purpose, the forward one folding, when opened, and acting as the door to a commodious wardrobe on the off side, whilst the door between the central compartment and the kitchen, when opened, serves to enclose a large cupboard.

In each of the two main compartments is a 6-ft. settee, this being arranged on the left-hand side of the vehicle, The back of each settee, comprising an angle-iron frame with coil spring and hair mattresses, is binged at the top and can be raised to form an upper bunk. Thus the two rooms afford comfortable sleeping accommodation for four persons, whilst in the day time the 2-ft width of the settees makes them convenient as seats. Opposite the bunks in the front compartment is the main wardrobe, in front of this being a Columbian coal stove, which can be used in cold weather tel warm the interior of the vehicle. There is also an off-side door which opens inwards, and can be fastened from the inside. The compartment is lighted by a window at each side, as well as by a fanlight.

As the second compartment is of .greater length, there is space behind the bunks for two cupboards. On the off side of the compartment is a large table on which meals can be prepared, a crockery shelf being arranged beneath it. Three or four folding chairs are carried in this compartment, which is lighted by two windows at esch side.

The rearmost, or kitchen section, accommodates, on the off side r a capec-ious aluminium lavatory basin with waste pipe, and a Valor Perfection two-burner oil stove and oven. On the near side is a semi-rotary hand-operated pump and hose connection for raising water to the wash basin, whilst behind this is an enclosed compartment containing an EIsan chemical closet.

The main entrance to the vehicle is by way of a folding step and large door in the centre of the rear bulkhead, the door having a Yale lock, and this, together with two windows and a glass, hinged fanlight, affords ample light and ventilation when cooking is in progress. Tanks fitted to the near side of the chassis frame contain 30 gallons of petrol, 30 gallons of paraffin, and 40 gallons of clean water, whilst on the off side are the lighting batteries and a 35-gallon tank for the accommodation of waste water.

• Above the roof is a strong luggage rack, no less than 9 ft. 6 ins, long, on which a large amount of personal luggage can be carried, as well as such items as fuel for the coal fire. All the windows are of the Quicktho unbalanced half-drop type, and with artistic cretonne curtains they give the vehicle a homely appearance. The floor, which is covered with linoleum and loose rugs. has trap doors extending the full length. Which give access to the entire transmission line, as well as to an unusually large tool box at the rear, behind which is the spare wheel.

Mr. Leverett says that the standard springs, together with the 825-in. by 20-in, low-pressure tyres, afford a high degree of comfort and render it uniae_eessary to pack the crockery. The cab also affords satisfactory protection without becoming overheated, and the seat to the left of the engine housing is frequently used by a passenger, as a better outlook can, of course, be obtained from it than from the interior of the body.


Organisations: Yale
People: H. Leverett
Locations: Eitchin, Cambridge, London

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