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Solvino the mystery of four down

6th May 1993, Page 34
6th May 1993
Page 34
Page 34, 6th May 1993 — Solvino the mystery of four down
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ahe Hawk is pleased, finally, to announce the answers to the Christmas crossword (CM17-30 December 1992) with apologies to the winners for the delay. Many were pi 'Med by the clue for four down which read "Norwegian ferry terminus from Newcastle when Scouse male rubbed on chest". The answer is Larvik but with one space too many for the answer: the Hawk is accepting those solutions which read Larvick. The full solution is: ACROSS: 8 Turnkey; 9 Management; 12 Towbars; 13 Valid MOT; 14 Flight time; 16 Innate; 18 Stargazer; 19 Centime; 22 Robin; 23 Enter; 24 Bison; 27 Snugfit; 28 Turns east; 32 Bernie; 33 Discounted; 34 Sinking; 36 Reliant; 38 Suspension; 39 Arrival DOWN: 1 Must fly; 2 Snow; 3 Departure; 4 Lavrik; 5 Reclaimed; 6 Seddon Atkinson; 7 Otto; 10 Athlete; 11 Estimated; 15 Getting in first; 17 Time off; 20 Lounge; 21 Grandsire; 25 Pipelines; 26 Recoilers; 29 Undergo; 30 Largest; 31 Central35 Task; 37 Anis The winners are RJ Crocombe, Devon; Duncan Temple, Lincolnshire; Charles Jones, Chester; Thomas Anderson, Duns; D Ogden, Stockport.

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