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E-rules imposed

6th April 1985, Page 17
6th April 1985
Page 17
Page 17, 6th April 1985 — E-rules imposed
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ENVIRONMENTAL conditions on shire haulier from carrying on Western Licencing Authority Roy In a letter to Ken Abram granting an application to move its operating centre from Parbold to Rufford, near Ormskirk, Mr Hutchings said he was aware that Ken Abram was experiencing success at a time when many hauliers find it difficult to remain in business.

He also knew that the planning authority had served an enforcement order on the company, preventing it from continuing to operate from Parbold (CM, March 30).

He approved the enterprise shown by the company and he did not wish to inhibit it.

He took note that the licence its licence will prevent a Lancaits present operations, North Hutchings has warned.

expired at the end of April, and intended to renew the licence with the conditions he proposed, but these would not take effect until January 31, 1986.

Within that time the company should be able to change either the nature of its operations or find a new operating centre from which it could continue and expand its present operations.

It followed that the company's application to add 10 vehicles and six trailers to the licence would be refused.

The conditions that Mr Hutchings is proposing are: • The maximum number of vehicles on the licence to be 12 vehicles and 24 trailers.

• No vehicle or trailer may leave the operating centre, nor may an engine be started before 6.15am Monday to Saturday inclusive, nor return to the operating centre after 7pm Monday to Friday and 1pm on Saturdays.

There was to be no activity on the premises on Sundays. There was to be no movement or starting up of engines after 8pm or before 6am Monday to Friday. No movement or starting up of authorised vehicles after 4pm on Saturdays and no movement of authorised vehicles or trailers on Sundays. These conditions will not apply in any case of emergency, but any movement or starting up of any vehicle or trailer outside the authorised hours must be reported to the LA within 72 hours, with an explanation of the circumstances.

• Maintenance and repairs may only be carried out within the times specified for movements.

• No equipment for the maintenance, servicing, fuelling or loading of the authorised vehicles or trailers may be used outside the times within which the authorised vehicles or trailers may be made.

• No vehicles or trailers may be reversed into or out of the entrance to the operating centre.

The company had until April 1 to make representations to the LA on the effect of his proposed conditions.


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