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100-per-cent. Success in Traffic Courts

31st January 1936
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Page 34, 31st January 1936 — 100-per-cent. Success in Traffic Courts
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PRACTICALLY 100-per-cent, membership of the C.M.U.A., so far as A and B-licence holders in the vicinity were concerned, was reported at the second annual dinner of the Crewe branch. In a town predominantly devoted to the railway industry, the non-members amongst hauliers could be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Relating that a member had suggested a meeting being held in the town, Mr. J. L. Kinder, national organizer, described how the local branch had started with 17 members in May, 1934, and had grown until it now had 200. The member was Mr. S. Preece, a local operator, now also Manchester and Liverpool area organizer.

Further tribute to Mr. Preece came from Mr. H. H. Lapsley, Manchester area secretary, who said that in him the Association had one of the greatest experts available on the wages question. Mr. Lapsley felt that members did not make such full use as they might of the facilities offered by the Manchester office. Amongst other work during the past seven weeks, the Manchester branch had handled 47 cases under the goods-vehicle-licensing scheme and not one had been lost.

It is impossible to keep in mind

every one of the road-transport regulations, said Mr. W. E. Macve, Manchester area chairman, replying to the Mayor of Crewe (Alderman II. Jones), who had commented upon the seeming ignorance of commercial vehicle drivers and owners regarding the law. During the past two years, said Mr. Macve, there had been a great resuscitation in the C.M.U.A.

How road transport had reduced the cost of living by lowering freight charges was the subject of comment by Mr. J. Wesley Emberton, a member of Cheshire County Council. The council, he said, was endeavouring to make the county roads the best in the country; the importance of road transport was fully realized. In addition to normal upkeep, the council proposed to spend £3,000,000-£4,000,000 on highways during the next five years and, amongst other things, it intended to eliminate all unsuitable bridges.

Despite the fact that there was deep snow and a number of roads in the neighbourhood was blocked, Mr. H. Harding presided over a gathering of nearly 100 persons.

Owing to the national bereavement, it was impossible for Sir Donald Somerveil, Solicitor-General and M.P. for Crewe, to be present.

Birmingham Drivers' Eighth Supper, The C.M.Td.A. West Midland Division drivers' supper takes place on February 28, at the Crown Hotel, Hill Street, Birmingham, at 7.15 p.m. Tickets are available from the secretary of the division, Mr, John Howell, R.A.C. Offices, Lombard House, Great Charles Street, Birmingham, 3. The forthcoming supper is the eighth annual drivers' event arranged in the locality.

A.R.O. Forms Oldham Sub-area.

An A.R.O. sub-area was set up in Oldham, last week. Mr, T. Schofield was appointed secretary for, the time being, Messrs. H. Hargreaves, J. Kershaw, J. W. Pearson and W. Taylor, together with the secretary, were, elected to the committee. The first meeting of the sub-area will be held on February 5.

A.R.O. Secures Higher Rates.

A.R.O. -has secured an increase from 22s. 6d. to 27s. 6d. in the rates paid to hauliers by Exeter Streets Conirnittee. Actually, the Association pressed for a rate of 32s. 6d., but the streets improvement sub-committee of the corporation recommended 27s. 6d. as a lair charge for the hire of 2-ton lorries.

A.R.O. Dinner at Exeter..

On February 10, the Exeter suba; ea of A R.O. will hold a dinner at Hobby's Restaurant, Exeter, at 7 p.m. Mr. R. W. Sewill will be present.

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