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BCC explains the benefits of subsid

2rd April 1983, Page 16
2rd April 1983
Page 16
Page 16, 2rd April 1983 — BCC explains the benefits of subsid
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THE BUS and Coach Council believes that subsidy to bus operators is justified by the additional service it buys. In its written evidence to the partment of Transport in London House of Commons Transport and elsewhere. Committee inquiry into bus It says that in most areas the subsidy policy, the BCC quantibenefits of subsidy exceed the fies this case by quoting studies cost. by BCC members and the DeIt regards subsidy as a payment for a level of services that are higher than those that can be justified commercially. It says that subsidy is not a result of inefficiency and is a payment by the community for services just as fares are a payment by the users.

Factors outside the control of bus operators influence their efficiency, whether subsidised or not. BCC says that the need for subsidy can be reduced in many cases by improving the conditions in which bus services operate.

In particular, it says buses should be given priority so as to reduce the impact of congestion and to give bus passengers better access to town centres.

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