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CM followed up its preview (September 11 issue) of the

2nd October 1970, Page 57
2nd October 1970
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Page 57, 2nd October 1970 — CM followed up its preview (September 11 issue) of the
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accessories, components and service equipment exhibited in the galleries at the Commercial Motor Show by sending four staff members to ask "What's new?" on over 200 stands. As this report reveals, they found many new or especially interesting exhibits which had not previously been covered.

by Ron Cater

ON the Repco stand, an early port of call in my list, I found a small portable lightweight battery charger called the Super 30 which is fitted with a tubular stand and carrying handle and weighs only 37.51b. The design of the unit is claimed to ensure perfect cooling and the unit is said to put out a true 30amp charge rate at both 6 and 12V and 15amp at 24V. Of the solid state rectification type the unit is fully earthed and includes an overload circuit breaker. It is supplied with a 2011-long power-lead and 1011-long battery leads. The unit is contained in an all-metal cabinet with a baked enamel finish and is made by Repco Automotive Equipment (UK) Ltd, York Road, Wellingborough, Northants. Complete with all the fittings the unit costs £52 10s.

A new pit jack costing £295 was shown by Dynaflex Ltd, of North West House, Marylebone Road, London NW1, and this was a 10-ton capacity air hydraulic unit carried on a substantial metal stand permitting it to stand in toe pit but still reach the underside of a vehicle standing over it. The jacking column is sited to one side of the baseplate so that the unit can be operated close to a pit wall,

and heavy solid-rubber wheels are fitted to make movement of the unit around the workshop easy. To operate the unit, its power line is plugged into the garage air .circuit, a double-acting air pump draws oil from the built-in reservoir and passes it through a composite high-pressure pipe to the jack, the pump being under the control of a finger-tip

operated lever. The jack unit can be removed from and used without the stand if required.

A highly sophisticated vehicle-maintenance trailer was shown by Tecalemit (Engineering) Ltd, Plymouth. This new unit is a fourwligeled Ackermann-steered drawbar trailer mounted on Land-Rover type wheels Continued on page 57 and has 10-in, diameter brake units. The service units carried on the vehicle which is designed for on-site servicing, include a 13.2 cu ft/min two-stage compressor powered by a single-cylinder diesel engine and supplying a vertical receiver. Two 4001b grease barrels are fitted with Tecapump H dispensing units suitable for greases up to and including the N,L.G.1 group 2 types together with two 45gal oil drums with Tecapump L units for heavy lubricating oils and two 45ga1 oil drums fitted with Tecalemit Transfer pumps suitable for light engine and hydraulic oils. Each of the pumps is manifolded to the main air reservoir through trunking carried in the roof of the vehicle, which also carried a 4gal static oil-sprayer and a battery of hose reels with 30ft-long delivery hoses passing out through roller-faced escutcheons situated at the rear end of the traiiler. The unit is available with a number of optional items of equipment including a 1KVA 110V ac self-contained generator with dc output for 12V battery charging duties together with numerous electric powered accessories and it costs £2750 (basic unit).

The job of lifting a hub and wheel assembly is sometimes too much for one man. A new wheel-removal trolley was shown by Westinghouse Garage Equipment Ltd, Kingswood, Bristol, which will accommodate wheels of from 6.00-16 up to 10.00-20 sizes and is priced at £95. The unit weighs 2.75cwt and has an overall width of 35.875in. an overall height of 28.5in. and an overall length of 46in. The wheel-lifting fork is hydraulically powered by a small ram which gives it a range of movement of 10in. It is capable of lifting a complete pair of wheels, hub and brake drum and is mounted on three heavy-duty rubber wheels which make it easy to move around when loaded.

A useful unit for the electrical service engineer was a new universal quick-acting electrical test bench shown by Bosch Ltd, of Rhodes Way, Radlett, Herts. The bench will test starters, generators and regulators and electrical ignition systems. It is powered from a standard 13amp socket (220-240V single phase) and is available with numerous attachments including an alternator driving gear which steps up the pulley speeds obtainable to alternator speeds.

The driving motor for generator testing is of 5 hp and the test speeds range from 0 to 6,000 rpm. Test voltages of 6, 12 and 24V are included and power testing of up to 1200 watts at 24V can be undertaken. Measuring ranges of the voltmeter are 2-0-10V, 4-0-20V and 8-0-80V. On the ammeter are readings of 40-0-80amp, and 5-0-5amp. Test speeds are from 0 to 7500 rpm.

Electrical ignition testing on systems of up to eight cylinders at speeds of up to 6000 rpm can be done and the unit will also test coils, insulation, condensers and diodes. The Bosch test bench is priced at E1,52.7.

by David Lowe

A new Rubbolite combined stop, tail and direction indicator unit or combined front side lamp and direction indicator unit was shown

for the first time by Flexible Lamps Ltd, of Centre Drive, Epping, Essex. This unit has a one-piece clear plastic outer cover inside which either red or amber lens can be fitted. The advantage being that it has the appearance of a one-piece lens while retaining separate lenses, making a far more waterproof assembly which does not become ingrained with road dirt. The base of the lamp is also new and designed so that wiring connections can be made after the lamp is assembled. New side-marker lamps incorporating removable amber side-reflectors and red rearward-facing lenses were also shown for the first time.

Dagenite Batteries had on display their very latest Demon 12V battery in its very distinctive red polypropylene casing. The battery is of technically advanced design, and claimed to provide 43 per cent more power. Unfortunately this model is not yet in stock. (Electric Power Storage Ltd. Clifton Junction, Manchester M27 2LR).

A range of new refrigeration units was shown by Petters Ltd, Staines, Middx: Model DM20D, a self-powered diesel unit, model PT50, also a self-contained unit providing heating or refrigeration and designed to be particularly suitable for tilt-cab vehicles, and the TG20 cooling unit for use on light vans such as the 35cwt Ford Transit—on which the display model was fitted. This unit is belt driven from the engine crankshaft and it has a standby electric motor for night use.

Smart and Brown Lighting Ltd (15 The Chine, Muswell Hill, London N10) were showing a number of new fluorescent light fittings for buses and fluorescent tube dimming equipment for coaches. A demonstration of dashboard lighting by electroluminescence and ultra-violet light sources was an interesting new project, as was a research project on illuminated number plates.

Securing steel coils on flat vehicles is now possible with the use of a new Aeroquip cargo control system. This system shown for the first time by H. K. Porter Co (GB) Ltd of Cameron Street, Hillington, Glasgow C2 consists of standard webbing fitted with hooks for clipping to eye-bolts on the vehicle, shaped metal corner pieces to protect the webbing where it passes through the centre of the coil and ratchet tensioners.

A completely fresh venture, as opposed to an exhibit, is the news from Jonas Woodhead Ltd, of Church Street, Ossett, Yorks. This company is to enter the vehicle components field in December, specializing in under-chassis spares for commercial vehicles. It is their intention to stock all their existing depots with such spares, packed with their own new and distinctive label, and to offer a first-class spares service, something which they feel is sadly lacking in the industry.

Chas Hanson and Son Ltd, of Brighouse, Yorks, displayed a number of new chemical products including Decosol non-abrasive haze remover for vehicle bodies and a new screen cleaner which is available in commercial quantities.

A new reefer floor for refrigerated vehicle bodies or containers was shown by Alcoa of Gt Britain Ltd, of 105 Piccadilly, London W1. This high-strength floor has a lower section giving more load space, but a wider top section to enable pallet trucks to be wheeled easily over it. It is available in 8in. by 40ft modules and is joined and sealed by Alcoa's continued on page 58 patented neoprene cord.

Alongside new seat models already described in CM, UOP Bostrom (UK) Ltd of Weedon Road, Industrial Estate, Northampton, was showing one of the fruits of its new manufacturing agreement with NikkiUniversal in Japan—the TOP suspension seat. This Japanese suspension seat is a pedestal design, using a Neidhart rubber spring with an hydraulic damper to control the ride. It provides adjustment for height, fore and aft position and back angle.

The TOP would fit into the Bostrom range conveniently in the middleweight vehicles, but its relatively narrow cushion might suit it especially to some of the heavies where seat width in the cab is restricted. If sold in this country, the TOP would have UK-made upholstery on the Japanese base.

New on the British Oxygen Co (London W6) stand was the Pelican in-transit refrigeration system—very simply an insulated tank containing 60Ib of liquid nitrogen open to the atmosphere through a small top vent—and thus not under pressure like Polarstream. Having no moving parts, it is a reliable, if slightly bulky, form of temperature control for, say, local delivery work with small vans. It can also function like holdover plates.

On the same stand, fitted with Polarstream, was a stainless-steel-clad Link container, with chequerplate internal trim at head level to protect against impact from pallet posts and so on, as well as more normally near floor level.

Eaton Yale and Towne (UK) Ltd, PO Box 11, Worsley Road North, Manchester M28 5GN, were showing the new Fuller RT 606 six-speed Roadranger transmission ideal for high-torque. low-weight applications.

by Derek Moses

Two things which impressed me were a demonstration of the results of an ergonomic study undertaken by Smiths Industries Ltd of 391 Edgware Road, London NW2, into ideal instrumentation for drivers of heavy goods vehicles, and a motorized change-giving machine shown by Almex Ticket Machine Co Ltd, of Station Road, Edenbridge, Kent.

As heavy goods vehicles or tractive units become more complex in design, it becomes increasingly important for the driver to monitor at all 'times the functioning of the various systems employed on the vehicle. A small group of engineers examined this problem in detail, seeking the views of the industry, the users and independent expert sources. From the accumulated—and conflicting—data obtained, instrument panels were designed and mounted on a mock-up.

The system has been divided into three areas: E The main central panel carrying the only data essential to the driver while in motion.

E A secondary panel half left of the driver (or half right for left-hand drive trucks or psv) carrying data which the driver can monitor while temporarily stationary.

I=1 A third control unit to the driver's left (or right) carrying switches and controls within comfortable reach of the driver.

The main panel houses the speedometer or tachograph, air pressure gauges, a rev counter, and an oil temperature gauge. The latter is fitted so that if the driver is putting extensive demands on the engine through bad driving, he is given a warning to ease back to avoid possible damage. Along the top of the panel are warning lights which come on to indicate critical failure of any of the systems, with a bold "stop" light to advise the driver to stop immediately.

The secondary panel consists of a fuel gauge, water and oil temperature gauges, battery condition indicator, and a new instrument for use immediately after loading or unloading. This is an axle-load indicator, calibrated to show overloading or underloading as a percentage of the norm-100 per cent. Other gauges can be fitted to suit individual requirements, and extra warning lights can also be installed. A radio can be fitted beneath this panel.

Heater controls and switches are mounted on the third panel. All the gauges, apart from the rev counter, are designed so that the needle is in a vertical position when everything is functioning normally. A rapid drop in the needle's position indicates a condition which requires investigation.

The change-giving machine is a Swedish development, manufactured by Sporrong, of Norrtalje, Sweden, and designed to replace conventional cash. registers in supermarkets. However, it was tested on buses and trams so that it could be subjected to stresses caused by the movement of a vehicle greater than those experienced by a "static" machine. It has since been adopted for regular bus work, and is being made available in Britain by Almex Ticket Machine Co Ltd who already sell ticket machines and equipment made by Almex of Sweden.

Coins dropped into the orifice at one end of the machine are fed by a revolving disc on to a moving band, both driven by a small electric motor. The coins are sorted automatically, falling into tubes according to the denomination of coin, determined by the aperture above each tube.

Beneath the orifice is a cassette to house bank notes. When this cassette is snapped shut it locks automatically, and a hinged bracket beneath the coin dispenser also shuts, locking the dispensing levers. Both spring open on turning a key in a lock by John Durant

mounted above the cassette: they are also removable by the operator—in the locked position—at the end of a duty, to be opened by the cashier.

An addition to the range of leather produced by Connolly Bros. {CurriersY Ltd, of 39 Chalton Street, London NW1, is an orange-coloured leather used for trimming the seats in the upper saloon of the Atlantean/Northern Counties-bodied doubledecker for SELNEC which was exhibited at Earls Court. The bus is believed to be the prototype for 500 double-deckers for SELNEC PTE, and the colour was chosen from a range specially made by Connolly Bros. The seats in the lower saloon of this bus were upholstered with an orange moquette made by Firth Furnishings Ltd. Heckmondwike, Yorks, again to the PTE's order. Firth have also produced four new colours to add to the wide range produced, and the effect of a new colour applied to an abstract design first brought out some years ago is remarkable.

A new TIP sheet made of a material called Tuf tarp was shown by Maxwell Sharpies and Co Ltd, of Eurotarp Works, Meanwood Close, Leeds. It is a woven material covered with a highly tear-resistant PVC nylon material, having a high strength-to-weight ratio and abrasion resistance. Its cold crack temperature of —30deg makes the material ideal for sheeting vehicles operating in Scandinavian countries during the winter—it is equally ideal for covering loads such as hot asphalt. A new method of fastening, ensuring a complete customs seal, has also been introduced. The material is normally flexed 800,000 times to test its security, though examples flexed 1.123,180 times at the moment I examined them showed no signs of tearing or wear.

A new exhibitor was Slaven Transport Products Ltd., of Astmoor Industrial Estate, Runcorn, Cheshire, which, in fact, has only commenced production since the last Show and claims that it's the "VW of the industry" —distributors are compelled to stock spares before they sell Slavers fifth-wheel couplings. Exclusive grease "canals" have been designed to provide lubrication to minimize top-plate wear, and over-size rubber bushings to cushion road shocks.

From Canada—c/o G. E. Jones (Machine Parts) Ltd. of Maylands Avenue. Hemel Hempstead, the manufacturer of GUD filters— comes the Snap Strap: a strip of rubber poly' mers with an S-hook at each end, it is made in four sizes, has 250 psi tensile strength and stretches to double its length for securing loads. And as 4m have been sold in North America, it may well become a familiar sight over here.

Besides its new electric commercial screen washer retailing at a recommended 72s, Wingard Ltd, Chichester, Sussex, has introduced ''slimline" spot and fog lamps, which are fitted with quartz halogen universal H3 bulbs and semi-sealed lenses, giving a controlled and scatter-free beam. There is a choice of fittings to suit all vehicles. An additional provision is a foam-backed cover including, as a safeguard, a transparent window to indicate when the lamp is on.

It is not always recognized that aluminium finish can be protected similarly to paintwork. One product on the market, Thornley and Knight Ltd's latest, is Ductilac Clear Plastic Lacquer VX323: three coats must be applied by spray. (Thornley and Knight are at Bordesley Green Road, Birmingham 9.) For the first time for many years, Autocar Electrical Equipment Co Ltd, Kempston, Bedford, was back at the Commercial Show, while its first batch of Lumenition infra-red ignition systems is in production. By replacing the contact breaker and condenser with an infra-red light source and photo device operated by a segmented disc, it permits improved coil design to give stability of high-tension voltage from 1 rpm to 5500 rpm ; the design meets all ic engine requirements and a spokesman told me the firm has it in mind to develop it for diesels.

Dover Roller Shutters Ltd, of Witham. Essex. took the opportunity at the Show to launch the Nytherm 5 shutter which has 10in.-wide lath aluminium insulated to 32 deg F and the Nytherm 15, to 0 deg F. These could be a boon to those who—not always satisfactorily—have insulated shutters themselves, or have to rely on doors in order to achieve an adequate degree of insulation.

A new range from Rubery Owen-Rockwell Ltd, of Darlaston, Staffs, is that of the trailer twistlock. R O-R says it can be operated simply, is maintenance-free, lightweight. -obust, and can be fitted on the outriggers of any type of semi-trailer, skeletal or rigid. And t is fully retractable while the container is in Position, enabling side transfer of containers.

S. Norrish, Ltd, 24 Holmes Road, London \1W5, is the only firm to market, in addition .o the manufacturer Neate Brake Controls _td, what are said to be the only British-made automatic towing jaws—the NTA/20 range with a conservative rating of 16 tons gross

The AC-Delco Division of General Motors _td, Dunstable. Beds, has a heavy-duty starter motor, model 40MT, which will be 3vailable as an exchange unit within a few Neeks. Special attention has been paid to the sealing of motors and solenoid units for wet ;Iutch applications; all models have enclosed shift mechanisms and the bronze shaft aearings are continuously lubricated by mpregnated wicks.

Another new product from AC-Delco is called Liquid Tire Chain—supplied in 4oz aerosol cans, it is claimed to give 300 per cent extra grip on snowy roads by forming a sticky 3oating on tyre treads.

A new alternator (Delcotron diode-rectified generatori now in production at Liverpool incorporates micro-electronic, integrated *cult regulators with temperature compensacion and voltage overload protection. Two -nodels are available, with outputs of 28amp and 37amp respectively at 6500 rpm.

Hallam Sleigh and Cheston Ltd, of Baggot Street, Birmingham 4, is tooling-up to produce 3 sliding-bolt seat-reclining mechanism to be fitted inside trim—it could be used in coaches; the production-wise cost is around 12s 6d.

A rear stop-and-flasher lamp mounted in a leavy-duty rubber body complete with reflex reflector was shown by both Joseph Lucas and Butlers Ltd of Tyseley Industrial Estate, Seeleys Road, Birmingham B11 2L0. The equipment is designed to be fitted in any one pf three positions and can incorporate number plate illumination. It is optically designed to :..ornply with the latest European lighting regulations and its part number is 1898. The recommended retail price of the unit is 61s each.

For the first time at Earls Court, Marston Radiators Ltd, of Seacroft Town Centre, Leeds 14, showed an extension of their Radolarm equipment. The new equipment, called Multolarm, is an electrical instrument which sets off a number of vehicle services, such as loss of air pressure, coolant, oil pressure, or to indicate that an emergency-door is inoperative. Another new addition to this same range was the GAC Flasher which monitors the electrical system and indicates when any part of the system is out of action.

The first complete metric aluminium section incorporating the Alusuisse snap-lock system was shown by Star Aluminium Co Ltd, of 12 Stanmore Industrial Estate, Bridgnorth, Shropshire. The makers claim that the system offers savings in assembly and building time. Bodies can be constructed with the sections arranged to provide either a flat internal surface with ribbing on the outside or internal columns at regular or random intervals with a smooth exterior.

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