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The Ryknield Motor Co., Ltd.

2nd April 1908, Page 30
2nd April 1908
Page 30
Page 30, 2nd April 1908 — The Ryknield Motor Co., Ltd.
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Exhibit:—Polished five-ton Chassis; two Vans; and one Single-deck Sus.

The most attractive exhibit on the ;tand of the Ryknield Motor Corn)any, Limited, Limited, of Burton-on-Trent, is tat maker's polished, five-ton chassis. Ile chief points of interest on this nachine are : the low-tension magneto nake-and-break gear; the flexible oints at the end of all water pipes ; sod the fitting of two carburetters, one if which is adjusted for paraffin, and he other one for petrol. The control if both these carburetters is effected )y the same lever, which is fitted on he steering wheel.

The design of the low-tension maglet° gear is shown by the drawings vhich we reproduce herewith. It will >e noted that there is a vertical shaft, ind that this is driven, by skew gearng, from the camshaft ; at the upper !nd of this vertical shaft, four cams, ill made in one piece, are fitted, and hese actuate four, trip levers, from which light rods extend to the makemod-break plugs. The trip levers are ukrummed in an aluminium casing hat almost completely encloses the :ams and their trip levers and, in a-der to minimise wear as much as apssible, these levers are fitted with tardened-steel rollers at the points of heir contact with the cams. The inmlated plugs are round and they are itted into recesses in the cylinder head, Lnd are held there by means of "dogs."

order to remove one of the plugs, it s only necessary to loosen the two nuts ly which each dog is secured, and the utter part may then be swung out of he way, and the plug removed.

The flexible joints in the watercrvice pipes are made of metal, and lot of rubber, as is so usual with 3any other makers.

The paraffin carburetter is fitted at he opposite side to the ordinary, petrol arburetter, and, as already mentioned, : is controlled by the same lever. In rder to change over from one caruretter to the other, a small lever is tted on the dashboard, and this causes

one or other of the throttle valves, by which the carburetters are shut off from the cylinders, to throw its carburetter out of action.

The other exhibits of this company are : a covered van suitable for conveying furniture, or other bulky goods ; van with removable canvas tilt ; and a

single-deck bus. All these vehicles are mounted on the Ryknield, standard, three-ton, motorbus chassis, and this is built on much the same lines as the heavier chassis.

The single-deck bus is interesting from the body point of view, because the seating arrangement is unusual : it is a composite vehicle, and seats 16 passengers within an enclosed compartment, and there are six garden seats on the rear platform of the vehicle. The roof continues from the closed compartment to the extreme back of the platform containing the garden-type of seats, and the passengers who are seated on the latter are afforded additional protection, when necessary, by waterproof curtains that are hung from the canopy.

All the Ryknield vehicles are geardriven throughout, and the final drive is taken through spur pinions and . internal-toothed racks, as is the case with another well-known maker ; the differential shaft is carried on a stout, steel, radius rod of triangular formation, and this is anchored at its forward end to a jaw-ended spindle which is provided with a stiff, volute spring. through which the whole of the drive must be transmitted.

The engines are of the four-cylinder type, and develop 4oh.p. at 85o r.p.m. The cylinders are of ample size : they are five and one-eighth inches in diameter, and the piston-stroke is six inches. Lubrication is a matter which has closely occupied the attention of the Ryknield Company, and the system employed on its engines is such as to minimise any tendency to the emission of obnoxious vapours. An internal, leather-faced, cone clutch transmits the power of the engine to a " four speed and reverse" gear-box, and a propeller shaft takes the drive thence to the differential shaft and the final-drive pinions. Mr. W. Flexman French, of 29a, Charing Cross Road, is the London agent for this company's vehicles.


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