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The New Arrol-Johnston Car Co., Ltd.

2nd April 1908, Page 29
2nd April 1908
Page 29
Page 29, 2nd April 1908 — The New Arrol-Johnston Car Co., Ltd.
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Exhibit :—One Chassis; Two Vans; One Dray ; One Wagonette ; and One Char-a=bancs.

The modifications that have been made in the Arrol-Johnston bus chassis since it was exhibited at the last Olympia Show have already been outlined in the pages of "THE COMMERCIAL MOTOR." One of its latest chassis is exhibited on the stand of the New Arrol-Johnston Car Company, Limited, of Underwood, Paisley, and the many practical details which have made this chassis so successful in the service of the Great Eastern London Motor Omnibus Company will be fully appreciated after a careful inspection of the in

The early model of this company was fitted with the high-tension system ignition, but this has now been replaced by a system of low-tension magneto, the alteration, of course, necessitating the re-designing of the cylinder head ; the small sketch, which we reproduce herewith, shows how the make-and-break gear has been fitted to the cylinder head.

The copper water jackets, which are a feature of the Arrol-Johnson vehicles, are, of course, retained. The foot brakes have been re-designed, and these now have a very businesslike appearance, with ample wearing surface, and are very easily adjusted. The long tubular radius rods, Which serve the double purpose of transmitting the tractive effort from the road wheels to the frame, and of supporting the differential countershaft, are now filled in with hard woad, and are quite a safe job. The petrol tank is now placed at the extreme rear end of the chassis, and the fuel for the carburetter is pressure fed. Our second sketch shows the very practical farm of filling nozzle that has been fitted to this tank. This fitting consists of a large chamber, about four inches in diameter by about lo inches deep, in which there is a bucket form of strainer. The tank can now be filled without the necessity for using a funnel, and, as the fitting stands clear of all the body-work, any overflow from the tank falls to the ground, instead of soaking into the wood-work and thus becoming a source of danger.

Among the other exhibits of this company are : a one-ton, 10.p., tilt van; a tsh.p. wagonette for estate work, with special accommodation for

15 passengers, or for seven passengers with guns, dogs and luggage for shoot. ing parties (sold to Mr. Wm. Wallace of Lairg); a 1511.1)., 20-seated char-h. banes; a ish.p., 3o-cwt. furniture van which has been built to the order o Messrs. Bannister, of Blackpool ; and a 24-3oh.p., three-ton brewer's dray. A duplicate of this dray has been supplied to the All Saints Brewery C ompany, of Leicester. All the ish.p. engines are of the Arrol Johnston Company's horizontal type, whilst the 243oh.p. are equipped with the company's late s t, f our cylinder, vertical engines. All the company's engines are fitted with automatic, force-feed luhricaflan to all the crankshaft and camshaf bearings.

The above sketch shows the form c gate-change bracket, as fitted on th omnibus chassis; the lever is hinged a the lower end. Arrol-Johnston gate change.


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