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Four Crane Fruehauf Models Rev ealed

25th May 1962, Page 43
25th May 1962
Page 43
Page 43, 25th May 1962 — Four Crane Fruehauf Models Rev ealed
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HE firSt four designs to be produced by Crane Fruehauf Trailers, Ltd., are shown on Tuesday to invited guests the official opening of the North WalaM, Norfolk, factory of the company. le models consist of singleand tandemle semi-trailers incorporating Fruehauf spension, and two twin-oscillating-axle signs. The opening ceremony was rried out by Mr. Nathaniel Knowles, mnsellor at the American Embassy, mdon, and among the Fruehauf officials esent was Mr. W. Grace, president of uehauf Trailer Co., Ltd., Detroit. S.A.

Forming the first two models in the ane Fruehauf Leader range of semiilers, the new singleand tandem-axle signs are suitable for payloads of 10 14 tons and 16 to 17 tons reSpectively. e single-axle type is to be known as

S.1 Load Leader, whilst the bogied -sion is the S.2 Fleet Leader, and both

available with body lengths ranging om 20 ft. to 45 ft., with• a choice of 5-20, .00-20 or 30.00-20 tyres on htor lOoostud wheels in all cases. All ode's have standard S.A.E./S.M.M.T. h-wheel kingpins.

Me suspensions of the new models are :resting, both being developed from sting American Fruehauf types. )per-ended springs are employed, with e-and-aft location and braking-torque ction provided by rubber-bushed ius arms. Each pair of arms lies ahead the axle and beneath the springs. One of each pair is adjustable for length ensure accurate alignment.

On the prototypes the spring main leaves bear against curved faces integral with the spring hanger brackets (or the rocker beams in the case of the inner ends of the bogie springs) but on production :models replaceable wearing pads will be incorporated. Similarly, on these original models there is a tendency for the spring to chatter when the semi-trailer is running unladen, but this will be overcome by fitting small springs which will hold the main .leaves up against the hanger-bracket pads. The. rocker beams of the tandem-axle model are steel pressings which are rubber-bushed to the frame brackets, and the complete running gears of both types of semi-trailer are mounted in rectangular sub-frames which are welded to the main framing members.

Also of interest are the chassis frames of the new semi-trailers. The main longitudinals are I-section welded fabrications, and the full-width channelsection cross-members pass through the main-member webs, to which they are

welded. The ends of these transverse members are linked by pressed-steel longitudinals, which can be either flush with or raised above the level of the 1.125-in.-thick float. planking. This' hoarding is longitudinal and is flush with the upper flanges of the main members. Body widths may be either 7 ft. 6 in. or

8 ft.

Both :models have 15.5-in, x 6-in brakes of the S-cam, peg-cam or wedgeoperated type. With the .latter Vacuum -operation can be specified, but the other types of brake are suitable for -airpressure operation .only.. • •ScreW"-type fully ..inclosed landing gear is -fitted as standard, wheels or feet 'being offered. On 9.00-20 tyres the loading height of both types of sen-ff:trailer is 4:ft. 3 in . The two other new models are both rated for , payloads, of between J2 and 16 tons and are to ,have t 'novel forin of oscillating axle .suspension consisting: of plaih-ended . springs hearing against rubber pads., The heavier of the two types shown. at North. Walsham on Tuesday has framing similar to--that of earlier Crane. types of • twin-oscillatingaxle semi-trailer, with soiled-steel main members, but :the other version has a lighter pressed-steel frame (as used on Crane singleand tandem-axle designs) and this weighs 2 tons 12 cwt.-8 cwt. less than the heavier type. A full description of the new suspension and one of the models to which it is fitted will be published in next week's issue of The Commercial Motor.


Organisations: American Embassy
Locations: Detroit

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