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ONE HEARS Of Chelsea. B.s—Bodies and Buns. "Lamps be blowed,"

22nd March 1921, Page 3
22nd March 1921
Page 3
Page 3, 22nd March 1921 — ONE HEARS Of Chelsea. B.s—Bodies and Buns. "Lamps be blowed,"
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from the wind. That nothing is.scamped in the Skarn.. Of the tipping of tip wagons for traders.

Of the "poor but honest" and—Goodrich.

That it is easier to drive a taxi than a taxi-driver.

That only a narrow tractor combines with the hopbines.

That cleanliness is next to godliness in motor coach circles.

That Bellamy's "Looking Backwards" is beaten by-15 years.

That you can get into transports on beer and beer into transports.

From Nicholson to the headlights: " Be dimmed to whatever you. meet."

The hope that "Hints on Overhauling" will be reprinted in book form.

"Stolen suites!" as the thief said when he drove away with a furniture van.

That Camberwell is appropriately named for taking an interest in road matters.

That back guards and splash guards prevent point police from becoming black guards.

That, as there's quite sufficient destructive criticism afloat, the prefix con ought now to get a look in.

Contrary to theories in the lay Press, that castor oil is no use as an I.C.E. fuel, neither will it butter parsnips.

That certain motor notera in provincial papers have just discovered the trolley bus—and that they are rather puzzled by it That some M.T. officers who are posted toIndia would prefer to know beforehand to which part of that sultry clime they have to go.

From Vim: "Never send a lorry out an test without a couple of hefty scotches on board," and from a driver: "Rum 'd do. Double scotches cost too much."

That a harassed van driver, telephoning that he had broken down at Ealing, spelt it as follows:— " E for 'Erbert.

A for wot 'asses eat.

L for where I'll go when I the. I as you sez when you calls a taxi. N what lays the heggs.

G for gorblimey." Re-price-all!

Of the trolleyorry.

That coaching is catching.

Of omnibus-red for ladies' fashions.

Of apla.shboard screens as ludo boards Of committees with only initial successes.

Of the flaw in the Act anti the law in the fact.

That, as usual, Lizzie's spring bonnet is a rattling affair.

Too plainly the ironic tick? tick !! of the departmental clack.

That Calcutta thinks the Ford is good for parcels, but bad for patients.

That, if everybody would but get at it, we should know where to get it at.

Durham urging that her passenger transport should not be made tram sport.

" I should think it -Z.3a Rotten Road,' " from the countryman who came to town.

Amongst Palestinian agiimotor competitors the slogan: " Jaffa good turnover?"

Theaconundrunt: Take 14 and it's v`.28, double it and you're minus 0 ; . the answer's a tax.

That there would he some really effective anti. splash guards about were it not for kerbs—and mud.

That it would appear (vide " Agrimot's " useful list of events this year) necessary for England to enlarge her cornucopia.

Englishmen asking whether certain trade union officials are proud of their recent Linccln handicap, thereby losing a South American contract worth X1.4000.

On the other hand, of liquidation of the " conservation of energy " by individual willingness to work overtime " so as to get the job through on time."

Of spring cleaning, And clean springing ; Of the re-timing of summer, And of summary re-timing,


Locations: Durham, Calcutta

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