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Time FTA and RHA got together

20th April 1985, Page 22
20th April 1985
Page 22
Page 22, 20th April 1985 — Time FTA and RHA got together
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CAN someone please inform me from within the hallowed portals of Hermes House and Roadway House why there has been no unified representation against this unjustifiable penalising 29 per cent increase in the tipping fraternity's road tax.

Tipper operators are the very backbone of the quarrying, site-working and road laying industries.

British commercial vehicle firms sell large quantities of tippers to this industry. Why, then, is there no unified cohesive plan to represent, consult and plan transport policies between the Department of Transport and the prestigious bodies, ie the Institutes and the Freight Transport Association and the Road Haulage industry.

Come, gentlemen, is it not time for a unifying consultative confluence between all bodies concerned before imposing this latest outrageous increase in costs to hauliers?

There is one way we may enlist to show our protest at a future date and that is via the ballot box.

It is also high time we had a transport minister — proud of the industry and working to further its good — instead of regarding it as a second-rate political backwater which will only bring reward by consistently disassociating himself with it and inflicting environmental penalities on it at the drop of a hat.

We need the guts and determination to invest in a transport infrastructure to cope with the 21st Century instead of soaking money into a network of ill planned roads made of a few inches of new laid road surface over virtual Victorian cart tracks.

We need an enlightened attitude, but above all consultation and debate among all directly concerned in the industry instead of the appalling bias and total dictatorial disregard shown by the Government.

Hauliers like ourselves demand a futuristic plan to debate, direct, consult and advise from all within the industry.


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