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Debut for gas Mack

1st May 1982, Page 11
1st May 1982
Page 11
Page 11, 1st May 1982 — Debut for gas Mack
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NO gas-turbine-powered ack chassis made an appearice at last week's Gas Turbine Dnference at Wembley, reports RAHAM MONTGOM ERIE.

The GT 601 turbine is proiced by Industrial Turbines Inrnational which is a consorJM comprising Garrett and lack in the USA and Klockner umboldt Deutz in West Geriany.

The gas turbine is particularly ,nsitive to ambient air ternarature, hence the qualification 'at it develops 410 kW (550 hp) at 29°C (85° F).

At sea level, with an ambient imperature of 15° C (59° F), the T 601 is rated at 475 kW (638 hp).

The turbine-powered Macks re both 6 x 4 tractive units — a )rward-control Cruise Liner and• a bonnetted Super Liner.

• They have been brought to Europe to demonstrate the potential of the turbine to military authorities as it is also produced in 520 kW (700 bhp) form for use in a light tank.

To be compatible with automotive transmissions, the output drive speed of the GT 601 is 2,600 rpm compared with its generator and power turbine speeds of 37,000 and 26,000 rpm respectively.

The highest temperature recorded in the engine is the 1,040° C (1,900° F) at the turbine inlet.

According to engine load, the temperature prior to the stainless steel heat exchanger (or "recuperator" in Garrett terminology) is 650° C (1200° F) and 315°C. (600°F) after it.

One of the advantages claimed for the gas turbine concept is that it is far lighter than its equivalent highpowered diesel engine. At the Wembley exhibition, Garrett was quoting a weight of 998 kg (2,200 lb) for the GT 601 compared with 1,360 kg (3,000 lb) for a 600-plus horsepower diesel unit.

The GT 601 has been designed specifically for heavy lorry (30 tons plus) application where it is claimed to achieve 10,000 hours between major overhauls.

At a gross weight of 80,000 lb (approx 36 tonnes) in USA tests, the Super Liner achieved 56.5 lit/100 km (5 mpg) compared to 62.7 lit/100km (4.5 mpg) at 100,000 lb (45 tonnes) and 70:6 lit/100 km (4 mpg) at 120,000 lb (54 tonnes).

The Gas Turbine Conference was organised by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

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