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1st April 1924, Page 16
1st April 1924
Page 16
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CONTINUING our brief notes on this subject from page 193, the following makes of chess's and vehicles deeerve particular attention :—

Vandys, Led., of 27a, Pembridge Villas, Notting Hill, London, W.11, market two types of S.P.A. chassis known as the 25 CA and 25 CB. Both these chassis are fitted with large pneumatic tyres, and these, in conjunction with long undershing springs, give very comfortable riding. .

The smaller chassis is suitable for 18-20-seater 0-pen coaches, whilst the larger can accommodate bus bodies of the same capacity.

The G. arid J, Empire-built chassis which is marketed by Bonallack and Sons, Cable Street-, London, E.1, is a fine example c4 the medium-size chassis, lightly but strongly constructed, which, especially when fitted with pneumatic tyres, gives excellent service when carrying passenger bodies.

We have already described this chassis, and it will suffice, therefore, to mention that it is made in two sizes to carry net loads of 25 cwt. and 30 cwt.

The latest passenger models made by Daieo Patents, Ltd., 115, Fulham Road, D22 London, S.W.3, are the summer and winter coach with detachable top, which, when removed, leaves an open coach with the usual cape hood, and is a vast improvement on the crude designs which were in use some years ago; and the 20-seater saloon coach, which is handsomely upholstered and has a very wide entrance door.

The most popular passenger model sold by Automobiles M. Berliet, 40, Sackville. Street, London, W.1, is pos.sibly the 30-35-cwt., which is fitted as standard with electric lighting and starter and pneumatic tyres. This makes up into a fine medium-size coach, but fur larger coaches. the 2k-ton chassis is usually employed, and this can be fitted with front-wheel brakes.

-De Dion Bouton, Ltd., 10, Great Marlborough Street, London, W.1, market four chassis especially built foe passenger work, Of these the Model J.H. will take 14 t6 16,seater coach bodies, the J.N. 16 to 18-seater _bodies, whilst the J.E. model is supplied in two lengths, for 16-18 seats and 20-22 seats. This model can be fitted with fonr-wheel lenakes. The largest type is the G.Q.3, which will carry 32-seater bodies.

Four standard vehicles are sold by Fiat Motors, Ltd. .43-44, Albemarle Street, London, WA.. These are the Berkeley hotel omnibus, a pay-as-youenter bus, which seats 16 passengers, the 14-seater open coach and finally the 18-seater coach.

The Reo chassis marketed by Harris and Hasell, Ltd., 130, Great Portland Street, London. W.1, is peculiarly adapted far passenger service; it has the power, is geared, sprung and tyred to maintain private car speeds with full lead without the necessity for making any alterations. . • The Saurer Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., 21, Augustus Street, London, N.W.1, find that the generaldemand to-day appears to be for .medium-size pneumatic-tyred coaches, and for this purpose they supply a 40 hes,. chassis. Renault, Ltd., Seagrave Works, West Bromption; London,S.W. 3, have always had a very sound reputation for the quality of their passenger-vehicle productions, and not long ago we described their new coach chassis, which is provided with servo-operated brakes on all wheels, and actually has three independent brakes.


Locations: Sackville, London

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