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Semi-auto standard on new models

14th September 1985
Page 6
Page 6, 14th September 1985 — Semi-auto standard on new models
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MERCEDES-BEN2 offering its Electro-Pneun Shift (EPS) gearcha system as standard on ins 1644 and 1635 models p18).

EPS differs from ol systems such as Scania's and the MAN/Eaton SA in that it does not recomn or select the optimum unless the driver has kno. the simple "Forward for and back for down" 1 into neutral, when the box will select the best for the speed at the time.

EPS has the facility to anything from half to ratios and can be used pre-selection.

Later, a gear recomme tion system based On Ecometer system shown Mercedes-Benz two years will be added to the EPS.

That development will on Mercedes-Benz produ what it sees as a satiSfaC engine load sensing des probably based on a rear torque sensor.

EPS is only being apt to the new generation Mercedes-Benz engines will not be seen on lc weight models until the and 210kW (250 and 28( engines are de-speeded refuelled in two years' tur However, EPS is ht offered on the 0303 cm with six-speed gearb where it is being used prir ily for engineering and sp saving reasons.


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