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14th November 1912
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Page 14, 14th November 1912 — News and Comment.
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This journal is extensively read by the heads of many wealthy commercial houses.

This issue opens our fifth century.

The Jackson parcelear is the latest arrival. We make illustrated reference to it on page 225.

One day's work with a " Sentinel " lorry is recounted, together with illustrations, on pages 226-228.

The first-published detail of the Wolseley 25-cwt. van are contained in this week's issue—pages 229 and 230.

Our leading articles this week deal with the following topical subjects : (1) " After the War " ; (2) " Steam Engines as Brakes " ; (3) "The All-conquering Parcelcar " ; (4)_" Shall there he Agents? " ; (5) "The Difficulty of recovery against Railway Companies " ; and (6) " Honesty and Tires."

Help Acknowledged.

Yr. W. E. Middleton, of Mann and Overtons, Ltd., wishes to thank those readers of THE COMMERCIAL MOTOR who helped him in his successful fight for a seat on the Fulham Borough Council.

At Olympia.

The success of the Olympia Show for private cars is as marked as usual this year. Our sister journal "The Motor" is finding a Napier van very serviceable, if not absolutely essential, in connection with many Journeyings to and from the Show that are found to be necessary. The Editor of our contemporary, who was briefly inter_ viewed on the subject, adds a few words of commendation in regard to the express service so instituted --page 233, The annual general meeting of the Royal Agricultural Society of England will take place, at the. Royal Agricultural Hall, Islington, during the continuance of the Smithfield Cattle Show, on Wednesday, the 11th prox., at 3 p.m.

Next year's Show at Bristol will be opened on Tuesday, the 1st July, and will remain open until the following Saturday. Entries in the Implement Section will close on the 20th March.

At the Council meeting of the Society, on the 6th inst., Lord Middleton, the president., in the chair, deputations from Manchester and Cardiff were introduced. The decisions of the Society to visit Manehester in 1916, and Cardiff in 1917, were formally confirmed. More Motor-mail Vans.

The accompanying illustration shows the latest motor-mail vans of the Bristol Tramways and Carriage Co., Ltd., outside the Bristol General Post Office, preparatory to their running trial trips over the respective routes. These new routes are : Bath and Gloucester, distance one way 50 miles ; Cardiff and Gloucester, distance one way 57 miles ; Birmingham and Gloucester, distance one way 60 miles. The chassis are by Dennis Bros., Ltd., Guildford, and are of the is hp. type. The body-work is by the Bristol Tramways and Carriage Co. We are much indebted to Mr. Charles Challenger for the photograph.

Bringing Petrol up the Thames.

The first result of the energetic action taken by the Petrol Committee, representative of the Royal Automobile Club, the Commercial Motor Users Association and other bodies, is already seen.

The Port of London Authority has sanctioned the towing of four 250-ton tank barges, as a new limit in substitution for the old one of four 150-ton tank barges, up the River Thames, from the landing wharves at Thames 'Haven. Furthermore, by way of a new facility, specially-constructed tank vessels, suitably protected against collision, with sub-divided tank spaces, propelled by internal-combustion engines, such as the Diesel type, may carry a maximum quantity of 500 tons of motor spirit.

Drive Near Left Kerb.

Last week, in the House of Commons, Mr. Vincent Kennedy asked the Home Secretary if he would consider the advisability of having Section 78, c. 60, of 5 and 6 Will. IV, strictly enforced, or at any rate the proviso in such section.

Replying, Mr. McKenna, said that the police were instructed to enforce, and do as a rule successfully enforce, the section in question, though it is necessarily subject to certain exceptions due to the presence of tramcars on single lines. of waiting vehicles at the side of the road and other causes. The L.C.C. had now under consideration a by-law requiring slow-moving vehicles in the principal streets to keep close to the kerb on the left, and if this by-law were adopted, it would, he hoped, be of some assistance in the matter. The Transport of Motor Spirit by Road.

The Home Office Committee on Petroleum, at its meeting yesterday (Wednesday), heard evidence, on the important subject of the transport of motor spirit by road in motor tank wagons, from Capt. A. E. Davidson, R.E. (representing the War Office), Mr. E. S. Shrapnell-Smith (representing the Petrol Committee), and Mr. Phillipson, of the Port of London Authority.

Renard.Latil Vehicles.

The Renard-Latil front-driven commercial motors, concerning which a specially-written and uniquely-illustrated article appeared in our issue of a week ago, has recently put into circulation its catalogue with regard to these machines.

Numerous medals have been won by Renard-Latil front-driven vehicles, on the Continent of Europe, whilst the vehicles have rendered excellent service to purchasers in many branches of use there—to safe manufacturers, piano manufacturers, brewers, theatrical proprietors, furniture removers, etc.

There is no doubt that many home and overseas buyers will recognize the virtues of these frontdriven machines, and will wish to avail themselves of the very free opportunity to employ bodywork of unusual form, which latitude is admirably permitted by this design.

Fire.-Brigade Matters.

Belfast tenders closed on Tuesday last.

The Finchley tenders, to which we referred on the 31st ult., must be lodged on or before the 16th Inst.

Derby Town Council has decided to spend 21050 on a complete motor fire-engine, instead of only £700 on a first-aid machine.

To-day (Thursday) an L.G.B. inquiry is proceeding at Hornsey in connection with the local council's application for a. loan of 29360. This estimate includes money for the purchase of two combined motor fire-engines and escapes, for which there is a need. The Ossett inquiry was conducted on the 5th inst. Two witnesses were heard in opposition. One, a Mr. 3. Fitton, who said he represented the third-largest ratepayer in the borough, the Extract Wool and Merino Co., urged that the Dewsbury engine should be hired.

We are informed, by Mr. William Waddell, the chief officer of the Glasgow Corporation Fire Department, that the Corporation has recently sanctioned the purchase of the necessary parts for the construction of four first-aid machines. The work will be carried out entirely by members of the brigade in the department workshops in Ingram Street, Glasgow. We doubt. the wisdom of such a step. Radcliffe Motor Transit Co., Ltd., with capital of £7500 and its office at Dale Street, Radcliffe, is a recent registration.

The Sheffield city surveyor, Mr. W. J. Hadfield, has obtained such good results with a 30 h.p. five-ton petrol lorry that he has decided to go in for a second one. His department has effected great economies, as compared with horse hire previously employed. Petters's Dividend.

Petters, Ltd., is to receive dividends for the half-year ended the :30th September last, on both preference and ordinary shares, at the rate of five per cent. per annum. free of income tax.

Auto-Carriers Booming.

We learn from F. B. Goodchild and C4)., Ltd., whose principal showrooms are at 16, Wigmore Street, London, W., that the company is rapidly fixing sole agencies all over Great Britail for its wellknown parcelears. Mr. Goodchiki is of opinion that a huge business will soon be done in the Provinces with these machines, and bases this view upon their probable greater suitability for delivery purposes in scattered districts than in a big centre like London. These AutoCarriers are, of course, immensely popular in London.

Parties who are desirous to take up Auto-Carrier agencies should note the title and address of the above-mentioned company.

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