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14th March 1918, Page 22
14th March 1918
Page 22
Page 22, 14th March 1918 — PATENTS SUMMARIZED.
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, A Wyles One-way Plough.

Art, Albert Wy/es, in Specification No. 112,674, describes what would appear-to be a himple but 'efficient arrangement of one-way motor-driven plough. Two sets of ploughshares are carried, one in front and one behind the motor. In ploughing a field, the snachine will traverse in one direction with one set of ploughs in operation. When returning, which it will do without being turned round, the other ,set Of ploughs comes into operation, and tarns the sods so that they lie in the same direction as the preceding set. Bach set of ploughs is carried by an independent frame. The frames are hinged at their outer ends to the main frame of the motor; at. their inner, extremities they are connected to the, opposed ends of a rockinF lever. The effect of this arrange.

ment-is that theolowering of one set of

plougha into the ground is simultaneous with the lifting of the other set from the work. Moreover, one set balances the other, and thus reduces the effort required for lifting_ and' lowering the ploughs to a minimum.

Detail Improvements.

The Lorraine Dietrich Co. (No. 106,470) patent a construction of piston which allows the main body of the casting to be of a light metal • like, aluminium, while the piston rings are Carried by a steel' liner. Several modifications are described and illustrated in the specification.

R.ReVell, in No. 112,797, shows several arrangements of spring shackle, the principal feature of his invention being a double articulated link, as shown on the drawing reproduced in the composite illustration below.

N. Garoff (No. 112,811) referring to carburetter design wherein the extra air enters tangentially to the mixing chamber, thus causing a whirl, constructs the inlet passage for this air with a gradually diminishing cross section, so that it is enabled to enter the chamber at a high velocity.

R. Henry and E. Herrmann (No. 102,490) describe a sparking' plug in which provision is made for automatic circulation of air down the centre of the main electrode and round the outsides of the insulation. The .constructional features of the device are novel. .

A. I. Rich (No. 112,863) patents tin electric 'heating element for insertion into the carburetter or induction: piPe. He describes several methods of using this element. • Aningenious free' -wheel cIntch is the subject of No. 112,801, by V. Breeze and others. 'A portion of the 'driVirig shaft is turned down eccentrically., eccentric' sleeve 'is sprung into • place within the recess so formed, and. this sleeve may move round for a limited distance. Motion in one direction leaves the outside of the sleeve concentric with the shaft, when no drive occurs. Motien in the other direction tends to throw this sleeve out of centre with the shaft, when it binds with the driven member, and power may then be transmitted.

By the use of an interrupted' thread on the screw of an adjustable wrench, S.'. Percival, in No. 112,795, allows 'of its quick adoption to any size" of nut, the final tightening being effected bya sleeve carrying a second thread. ,

Sheffield Sintplex; Ltd., have patented a luggage, carrier with which is incorporated a dummy hub for a spur wheel (No. 112,899).


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