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Cardiff copes with overriders

14th January 1977
Page 34
Page 34, 14th January 1977 — Cardiff copes with overriders
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NEARLY 200 additional standard fares, payable by passengers overriding on Cardiff City Transport vehicles, introduced in October, have been collected.

The innovation (CM October 1) has been received by the public almost without complaint, and there has been no noticeable downward trend in the number of standard fares charged over the period.

In the first 13 weeks of operation, 197 passengers were charged the 30p (15p for children) when appropriate, with only three complaints. Of these two were attributable to administration problems and one was unjustified.

Notices have been placed on all vehicles. Deputy general manager I. M. Trevette told CM that none of these have been defaced, not even those on upper decks. The scheme, introduced with permission of the Traffic Commissioners, involves both platform staff and ticket inspectors.

Platform staff note the destination of passengers when issuing tickets, and ask for the standard fare when they become aware of passengers overriding.

Of 197 instances reported, platform staff have collected 47 and the inspectorate 150.

People travelling with an invalid travel card are liable to pay the new standard fare.

Similarly, other conecssionary passes are checked, either on entry to the vehicle or when the ticket is issued. If the permit is out of date otherwise invalid, then th passenger is charged th ordinary fare.

When an invalid perm escapes the notice of the Ow form staff but is detected by a inspector, the passenger mu: pay the standard fare. In bot cases, the invalid permit i retained by the transport staf A notice has been put in th fare book to the effect that th undertaking about payment c the standard fare, and that th passenger who is aggrieved b: its imposition should pay i and send the receipt and hi statement to the head office o the undertaking fo adjudication.


People: I. M. Trevette
Locations: Cardiff, Cardiff City

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