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14th January 1977, Page 47
14th January 1977
Page 47
Page 47, 14th January 1977

A Lf I Buy A Minibus With The Intention Of Running

it to take our village children to school, and perhaps for occasional shopping trips for older residents, will I have any difficulty in obtaining a road service licence? The bus......

Q 0ne Of Our Drivers, While Engaged On A Household Removal

less than 25 miles from base, and upon a day during which he would be engaged in actual driving for less than four hours, has been reported by a policeman for failing to......

T1137 Hoo F Noithor F Rnillaps, And Ttie Sproy Frorr) - 30/

tnat tt nearly caused se/te:i. - 7 illegal for a lorry not hov fitted? A Regulation 56 of the Motor Vehicles i - Construction and Use) Regulations 1973' specifies that a heavy......

Q Where We Work We Have A Lot Of Electric Vehicles

which sometimes have to be towed a fair distance. They are towed by a Land-Rover on a tow-bar We were wondering if the driver being towed needs a car licence or can the vehicle......