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The Wheels of Industry.

13th April 1916, Page 12
13th April 1916
Page 12
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Page 12, 13th April 1916 — The Wheels of Industry.
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" The wheel of wealth will be slowed by all difficulties of transport at whatever points arising, as a cart-urge is by the roughness of the roads over which it runs."—John Beattie Crozier.

"We Escape."

The " We Escape" references in this issue will be found on pages 123 and 135.

Proposals and Purchases by Local Authorities.

The York Corporation has decided to purchase a motor streetsweeper.

The Northwieh R.D.C. is considering the provision of a motor fire-engine.

The Eccles (Lanes.) Town Council is about to purchase a new motorambulance.

The Sunderland Corporation has taken delivery of its Morris motor fire-engine. ' The ::Gas Department of the Leeds Corporation is buying two motor wagons.

The Surveyor of the Frimley U.D.C. is reporting on working costs for steam rollers and tractors.

The Cupar (Fife) Town Council considers that a motor fire-engine should be bought for local use, but the District Committee considers that fire-insurance rates are too high, arid that the fire-insurance companies should make reductions in premiums before public money is so spent.


Sir David Burnett, Bart., of 12, Abchurch Lane, E.C., has been appointed liquidator for the voluntary winding-up of the Gamage Bell Motor Cab Co., Ltd.

Imported Tubes and Tires.

The value of imported motor tires and tubes, with parts and accessories, thereof, entering the United Kingdom from all sources during the past three years, was 22,557,000 in 1913, £1,893,000 in 1914, and 21,987,000 in 1915.

Recent Registrations.

Conner Magneto and Ignition, Ltd. (252,000), with its registered office at 71a, Queen Victoria Street, E.C.

Temeside Garage, Ltd. (£3000), with its registered office at Ludlow, Salsp.

Thomas Purvis, Ltd. (23000), to take over the business of the Forth Street Coach and Motor Works. Newcastle-on-Tyne. Smith's Garage, Ltd. (22000), Deganwy, Carnarvonshire.

The Association of British Motor and Aircraft Manufacturers, Ltd. (by guarantee). Signatories : E. Manville ; F. R. Simms ; F. W. phorland J. M. Young (Thornycroft's) ; R. Dennis; H. T. Vane;


A. Spurner; H. Johnson ; S. Straker ; H. C. B. Underdown; G. M. Young (Albion); F. Bolye Monkman. The secretary is Mr. Horace Wyatt, and the registered offices are at 173, Fleet Street, E.C.

The registration of this company necessitates the voluntary liquidation of the Associated. British Motor Manufacturers, Ltd., of which Mr. Wyatt will act as liquidator.

S.M.M.T. Annual Report.

The annual report and accounts of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, for the year ended 31st December last, have been published. There has naturally been a deficiency for the year, this amounting to £3862, but the Society's investments, on strict valuation at the end of the year, amounted to 2,44,389. The deficiency has been wholly due to the Society's liberal donations and subscriptions to important undertakings in connection with the industry; the Agenta' Section, Ltd., alone received £2000. The annual meeting will be held to-day (Thursday), at the R.A.C., Pall Mall, S.W. at 2.45 p.m.

Transmission Mechanism.

We would draw our readers' attention, on pp. 126-127 in the present issue, to the first portion of an interesting paper.

Ministry of Munitions and Road Haulage.

The Ministry of Munitions is taking a closer interest in matters pertaining to haulage. It appears that no further supply can be obtained from the War Department, and that the Ministry can obtain only a limited number of new vehicles of the W.D. pattern. Local hiring is recommended, wherever possible, and a preference for steam-driven vehicles—the latter, no doubt, having regard to the shortage of petrol. Only in the absence of arrangements for local hire can the Ministry in urgent cases consider the purchase and supply of vehicles, which in that event will be manned and maintained by military labour. Tribunal Procedure.

The promised new list of Certified Occupations has been issued, under date the 4th lust; copies may be obtained, price 11d. each post free, from Wyman and Sons, Ltd., Fetter Lane, E.C. The order should be for Form R.74.

It is now provided that there should be no exemption for single men in certain of the Certified Occupations unless they are above specified ages. We may refer our readers back, for the sake of brevity, to the four-page article on "Automatic Starring" which was published in our' issue of the 24th February. If any new reader has

not that copy by him, a few are available at 2d. each post free. 'We referred then. to partienlar Certified Occupations of interest to users of commercial motors. The new list (Form R.74) Specifies the following minimum ages for single men in those occupations : engine driver or stoker, 25; wheelwright, 25; manager at coal depot or wharf, 30; foreman of post-office mail-van service, :10 ; omnibuses, head of department ox foreman, :30. Exemption may be secured at any age for other classes of men, including drivers.

We must additionally point out, for the guidance of our readers, that the President of the Local Government Board held a conference, with Chairmen of Appeal Tribunals, on the 27th ult. Notes on this conference (Form R.76 for official use) lay down in paragraph 8 that " Unddr the existing Regulations and Instructions a man who can establish the fact that he is engaged or employed on any work coming within the list of Certified Occupations for the time being in force is entitled to secure from the Tribunal a certificate of exemption. whether or not he is actually employed at the time on Government -work ; but it is always open to the military representative to raise the question whether the man is in fact in a Certified Occupation, and further, if so, whether he need be still retained in his civil occupation. Any application of this kind by the military representative for the withdrawal of a certificate of exemption of a man in one of the occupations marked M.M. in the certified list must be made to the Ministry of Munitions, not to the Local Tribunal." The italicised portion is so emphasized by us.

, Existing occupations in the Ministry of Munitions list are now certified only up to the 1st prox., and all lists are subject to revision. It is important to note that under the classification of "All industries -Lgeneral exceptions—mechanics, etc.," there is now only retained the following definition :—" Me.,ehanics.and similar men engaged in the maintenance and repair of their employer's plant., machinery and tools" The old list of Corti fled Occupations (Form 11.40) also contained, under metal and engineering trades, specific exemption for " Motorcar bonnet and radiator makers, M.M." This is substituted by " Motor and lorry body builders, M.M." The general exemption is probably held to be enough for any motor mechanic, and single men of any age are entitled to be retained. It should also be noted that the new list specifically includes "Fitters" of all classes—other than those who fit stoves, grates, ranges, gas pipes and plumbing. Whilst thus confirmed in their title to exemption from military services, they are liable to be called upon if necessary to work for the Ministry of Munitions ; this leaves their position clear. What About Hackney Carriages?

One point; of interest to all owners of motor chars-erbancs, motorcabs, and motorbuses, is this : the same safeguard may be necessary as the one which was introduced into the Finance Act (1909-1910), 1910, in connection with the duties on lice:flees for motorcars of that time. This safeguard reads as follows :— " Nothing in this section sjiaIl be construed so as to increase or affect the duty now payable in respect of any motoreab, motor omnibus or other vehicle being a hackney carriage within the meaning of section four of the Customs and Inland Revenue Act, 1888, or to require a licence to be taken out for any motorcar which is not a carriage within the meaning of that section."

The C.M.U.A. Annual Meeting.

The annual meeting of the C.M.U.A. took place on Wednesday of last, week, the 5th inst., at 83, Pall Mall, S.W., under the chairmanship of Colonel R. E. Crompton, C.B. The annual report and accounts, as published by us on the 23rd ult., were unanimously adopted. The chairman reviewed the work of the year, and made particular reference to the success which had attended the efforts of the Association in securing a rebate of 50 per cent.. off the further 3d. per gallon on petrol.

The new members of the committee are as follow :—Mr. R. A. Hannah (Lever Bros., Ltd.) ; Mr. Robert Wardell (The Tottenham District Light; Heat and Power Co., Ltd.); Mr. J. Wall (Harrods, Ltd.) : Mr. G. V. 0. Bulkeley (G.W.Ry.).

The A.S.C., ALT, Fund.

The cash receipts, since the Fund passed the £10,000 stave, do not show any signs of slackening, although we anticipate a considerable reduction of current income during the coming months. That was our experience from May to September a year ago, and it will no doubt be repeated. The handsome support which the Fund has enjoyed to date, and particularly so during the past winter months, has been -such as to enable us in every Mae promptly to meet the requisitions of the 0.0.s of the several hundrod M.T. Columns and Units in all the theatres of war where -British troops are engaged.

Replenishments of our stocks must now be taken seriously in band, and that is why regular' financial help is wanted, without intermission, even if it be not on the. winter scale. The quarterly and monthly subscriptions will be so applied, and occasional donations in addition. We shall thereby hope to maintain our despatches of eases to suit summer needs, and we 044

would point out that those needs may be more extensive than in 1915, by reason of the larger proportion of the Columns and Units which are now in hot climates.

Ivel Agrimotors.

A recent testimonial to the value of Ivel agrimotors, which machines

are manufactured at Biggleswade, Beds., has been given in respect of one which has been employed on Mr. S. Fairba.irn's estate, Thame Park, Thame, Oxon. Ploughing, haulage, and rolling the land have been equally well undertaken by this Ivel engine. When engaged on rolling, between 30 and 40 acres per day can be covered. Dunlops in South Africa.

We understand that the Dun'or, Rubber Co. (South Africa), Ltd., has received a further order from the Union Government for 350 pairs of motorcycle covers, for use with the machine-gun section under General Smuts for the further operations in German East Africa.

Albion-Clyde Controversy.

We are asked by Mackay and Jardine, Ltd., to point out that there was an error in the closing sentence of the letter from the company which we published in our issue of the 30th ult. • This should read "One hears that the Albion Co., Ltd., are now testing a threeton live axle." The letter which reached us read " worm-drive axle," as published.

Easter Arrangements.

The issue of THE COMMERCIAL MOTOR dated the 20th inst. (next week's issue) will be on sale 24 hours earlier than usual. It should be obtainable on the afternoon of Wednesday, the 19th inst., except at places far removed from London. The following issue (dated the 27th inst.) will be a little later than usual, but it should still be obtainable on the evening of the date of publication, unless in exceptional cases. Readers should order in advance whenever possible.

Lan gham One-tonners.

The printing department of the Illustrated London News and Sketch, Ltd., Milford Lane, W.C., has given an unsolicited testimonial to the satisfactory working of a Longhorn one-tonner which it bought in 1915. One portion of the testimonial reads : " The van has been running constantly since you delivered it, and we have not had a hitch of any description." The Sheffield agents of the Longhorn Co. recently submitted a one-tonner of this make, while deep snow was lying on the ground, to a stiff test in the Peak District, over the hilly road between Chesterfield and Bolsover, with a net load in excess of one ton. The speed averaged 191 m.p.h., and the consumption 18i m.p.g.

We Escape.

The Budget contrary to official expectation in several Government Departments, should not add to the taxation which is borne by any class of commercial-motor vehicle. We congratulate our supporters on their escape, and we wish we could believe that, so far as the steam vehicle is concerned, the present total exemption from taxation could be regarded as permanent. We deal further with this matter in our first editorial article, in which we ascribe the happy omissions to the intervention of the Ministry of Munitions, at the in

stance of the Joint Committee of Mechanical Road Transport Associations. The letter from this committee, to Mr. Lloyd George, reads as follows :— " I am instructed to enclose a copy of a communication which has been addressed to-day (23rd March) to the Treasury by this Committee on the subject of the effect of increased taxation on commercial motor vehicles.

" The Committee wishes to draw your attention to the disastrous effect that any decrease of user of the existing vehicles would have on the transport of munitions materials and workers.

"It is hoped that this Committee will have your powerful advocacy in support of its contentions." A favourable acknowledgment was received.

Whilst it is probably unwise to refuse a direct request from a Government Department for proposals, it is, of course, open to any group of societies to work contemporaneously through another Department to bring destructive pressure to bear. Not every step in policy can be explained to everybody.

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