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13th April 1916
13th April 1916
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Page 1, 13th April 1916

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No Annual Licence Fees—Yet.

The Budget speech of last week contained no references to annual licence fees for commercial motors: we are glad. It contained...

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The C.M,U.A. and Petrol Distribution.

The following memorandum shows the essential points in the C.M.U.A. scheme for control of the petrol supply, as submitted last...

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One Hears— The following Rumours, of which the Press Bureau

has no Confirmation, but to the Publication of which, we imagine, it will take no exception. Even an honest truck. Of more...

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From Engine to Axle.

Following the recent papers read before the Institution of Automobile Engineers, which have dealt respectively with rear axles...

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Darkened Streets and Traffic Accidents.

Excerpt from the Annual Report by Dr. F. J. Waldo, H.M. Coroner for the City of London and the Borough of Southwark. As...

"For Hire" Lights on Taxicabs.

It may not be inappropriate, following the above rAqum... of Dr. Waldo's useful report, to draw attention to a relative matter...

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Our Despatches from the Front (No. 83).

Cheery Bus Passengers from Billets to Trenches. Driving Ambulances in Shadowland. WITH THE BUSES. 6th March. (Continued from...

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The Law of Heavy Motorcars—II.

" Causing or Permitting." By a Barrister-at-Law. It is probably no exaggeration to say that during the last few years users...

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The Wheels of Industry.

" The wheel of wealth will be slowed by all difficulties of transport at whatever points arising, as a cart-urge is by the...

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Out and Home.— In the Dark. In Methods. —By "The Extractor."

Endorsements Ahead. Drivers of commercial vehicles will have discovered that police trapping in the London district is as rife...

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Our Campaign Comforts Fund.

Additional Monthly and Quarterly Subscriptions Come to Hand. We Fill Urgent Requisition for Tigris Column. The Official Fund...

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Commercial Accessories.

A Very Complete Range now Marketed by S. Smith and Sons, Ltd. Long before motorcars were dreamt of, S. Smith and Sons, Ltd.,...

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Opinions from Others.

AGRIMOTORS AND STATE AID FOR THEIR PURCHASE. The Editor, THE COMMERCIAL MOTOR. [1612] Sir,—I have to thank you for publishing...

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The Purchase Department.

Where to Buy your Supplies. You Can Get It At " T.S." (Leicester).—Ruston pressed-steel wheels are manufactured by Ruston,...

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Patents Completed.

Sphinx Sparking Plugs. Brown and Barlow Carburetter. Dungey- , Weeks Agricultural Tractor. Wheel-rim Construction. Copies of...