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Answers to Queries.

12th November 1908
Page 16
Page 16, 12th November 1908 — Answers to Queries.
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Our readers will be informed by the Editor on any points connected with the construction or use of commercial motors. Where adirect reply is desired, a stamped and addressed i7nvelobe should be enclosed : if a request for privacy is not specially made, any query and answer may be published.

Two Trailers Behind a Tractor.

L1,342] REmovEw writes ;—" We often take two 1:41115 behind our tractor, and we do not think it fair that a motor wagon of less power than our machine should be allowed to take a sling van on iLs own bodY and trail a pantechnicen whilst we are debarred from hauling two. We grant, in the case of a motor wagon, there is only one trailer, but the fact remains the lead consists of two vans. We shatdd like to have your opinion on this."

.1N5wEE—We regret that we must advise that our corasixmcient is breaking the hIatt Car Acts, in hauling two trailingvehicles at any Lime. I it Is thereby guilty of an offence under the Act, which only allows the drawing of single trailer. 'rile authorities can really Lquet 10 prOSUCLIR: him or the use of a traction engine without a license, if they choose to take that more serious course.

The point ef difference, as between it imffor wagon and a tractor, in that the former can effectually deal with two pantechnicon Isl.xlies, is a fact which must hold good under the present law, and it is certainly an argument in favour of the wagon for certain classes of use. One solution 'night be to take out a traction-engine license.

Taxicab Fares in London.

[1,343] " B,C.R.'' writes :-2\ friend and myself luoe had an argument about the charges for taxicabs in London. I said that it was ,tid. it mile for every mile that the car ran, and so many Sd.'s more per mile, e.g., six trines would cost a passenger _is. Ile stated that it was cheaper after the first mile; Sd. the first mile, and 4d. the Itext.'' ANSWER.—Loridon laxi,:ab fares are never less than Sd. per mile. A trip of six miles can never cost less than but it may cost more, as, at any time when the speed of the vehicle over the road falls below six miles an hour, the working of the recorder (taximeter) is taken up by clockwork, which charges the passenger automatically at the rate of 2d. for each at minutes, or 45, an hour. Thus in addition lo the 8d. per mile for running, any halts at crci5 ing-s, or other slacks for traffic, have to be paid for as state 8d, is the minimum charge, and the recorder afterwards, far as distance is conoerned, jumps ad. for every quart of a nile. When the Thiele's speed exceeds 6, ti indicator is worked front the near-side hind wheel; wh. the vehicle speed is 6 or less, the clock rotates t indicator at the equivalent earning of 6 fares per hour.

An Enquiry About Omnibuses.

1,344 " Nowrit BRETALN " enquires :"1 wonder if y would be good enough to give me your opinion on t " Snorer " chassis. I understand it is built in Switzerlac and that the Mersey Railway Company has some 18-22h. and 3511.p. for sale. As I do not know this chassis, 1 sh be glad to have your opinion if ii is worth while going. inspect them. They are wanted for single-decked bodies, 14-mile runs (out and in), and level hard roads.

" I wonder, also, if you could tell me if the law allo, the use of tractors for passenger work, and under wh condition,.."

ANsiXER.---The Saunachassis, in this country, is built and E. Hall, Limited, of Dartford, and it receivedt special diploma and gold medal of the Royal Automob Club at last year's trials. It is a thoroughly good chass as has been proved on very stiff work in Switzerland. have the highest opinion of it, and we should say that o correspondent would be very well advised to inspect one more of the vehicles which the MerseyRailway Compa has available for sale—or to buy new ones.

As regards the use of a trailer in passenger work, this not permissible. Section s of Article XI of the Flea Motor Car Order, 1904, reads : " A heavy motorcar, whi is used either as a stage carriage or otherwise for the cc yevance of 1,,,asreiwers for gain or hire. -,d-1211 not draw trailer.


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