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Patents Completed.

10th June 1915, Page 24
10th June 1915
Page 24
Page 24, 10th June 1915 — Patents Completed.
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Napier Valve-gear. Albion Dynamo Driving. Another Four-wheel Drive.

Copies of complete specifications of the patents published on this page can be obtained from the Sales Branch, Patent Office, Holborn, W.C., at the cost of sixpence for each specification, 0. W. JOHNSON (G_ L. A. PERRET), No. 9557, dated 17th April, 1914. The accompanying drawing shows an electricallycontrolled epicyClic change-speed gear. The driving shaft on the left carries a flywheel with two magnetic clutches, a central intermediate shaft carries a transverse spindle with two or more sets of planet wheels on it, and the driven shaft is on the right. The flywheel clutches are concentric and the inner one engages a plate fast on a sleeve on the intermediate shaft, and this sleeve carries the inner sun wheel.

The first speed is obtained by driving through the inner sun wheel, with the braking clutch held stationary. The second speed is obtained by driving through the outer sun wheel holding the braking clutch stationary, while the third speed or direct drive is 'obtained by engaging both flywheel clutches to lock all the planet wheels together, the braking clutch in this instance being inoperative.

ll'ho reverse is obtained by driving through the inner win wheel, While holding the outer sun wheel stationary.

SoctErt Cu. 13Ltai ET CIE, No. 3068, 1914, dated under International Convention 13th February, 1913.--In this car the engine is arranged in front of the front axle, with its shaft on the centre-line of the vehicle. A differential is fixed above each of the driving axles and drives the wheels by cardan shafts. A gearbox is arranged beside the engine under the first differential. .

A detailed description and drawings of the axle construction are also given. The stub axle is carried on a verticallypivoted bracket in the fixed axle, and the final reduction in the driving-gear is given by a pinion mounted in this bracket. This gearing is mountedinside the brake-drum, and the joint of the carder' shaft is concentric with the pivotal axis. The cam-spindle for the brake also has a universal joint concentric with the pivot.

ALBION MOTOR CAR CO., LTD., and T. B. MURRAY, NO. 11,878, dated 14th May, 1914.—This invention is illustrated as applied to the driving of a dynamo. The dynamo-shaft carries hall-bearings on which is mounted a casing provided with a V.

groove to serve as a belt-pulley. On the side of this easing there is mounted a second casing which contains a disc faced with vulcanized fibre and lying against a flange on the end of the dynamo-shaft. A spring is used to press the two discs into contact with one another and the drive is given to the fibre disc by feathers on the side casing. The vulcanized fibre has practically a constant coefficient of friction through a wide range of speed and consequently the power transmitted through it is determined only by the pressure exerted by the spring. Although the engine speed may vary only a constant torque is transmitted as required.

D. NAPIER AND SON, LTD., and A. J. ROWLEDOE, No. 24,142, dated 16th December, 1914.--It is frequently necessary in obtaining access to the valves in an internal-combustion engine to remove the cylinder head, or to remove a detachable seating for one of the valves. Both these methods offer serious inconveniences which the present construction is designed to obviate. The inlet and exhaust valves are placed side by side facing the piston, and an opening with a removable coverplate or plug is provided in the wall or head of the piston beside the valves. The, valves can be removed by passing them down into the cylinder and then lifting them upwards through this opening. This arrangement can be made when the valves are directly facing the piston or when they are somewhat sloped, if a curved cylinder-head is used. Provision is made for water-cooling the plug or cover for the opening. It will be appreciated that this opening also provides easy acCess to the interior of the cylinder for cleaning purposes, while atthe same time . it does not -give an inconveniently large joint to be made good when replacing the cover.


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