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9th May 1907
9th May 1907
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Page 1, 9th May 1907

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Self-balancing, Single-track Road Vehicles.

The invention of a real method of gyroscope control for single-track vehicles, by Mr. Louis Brennan, C.I3., whose steerable...

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Accumulator Propulsion in America. 2.

What strikes the European on arriving in New York is the widely differing class of work to which the electric vehicle is put....

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The Traveller's Car.

The increasing use of the motorcar as part of the stockl-trade of the travelling representatives of some of the irger...

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Eastbourne s Public-Service Vehicles.

Motorbuses and electric trams each have their supporters, but there is one important town on the south coast where it is...

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The Brennan Dual Gyroscope Control.

An Amazing Invention is Brought to the Stage of Practical Operation. The problem of imparting stability to otherwise unstable...

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The Motor Omnibus World.

The Society of Motor Omnibus Engineers, both members and associates, will visit the Swindon Works of the G.W. Ry. on the 29th...

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MacConnell versus Bussing.

This case recently occupied the attention of Mr. Justice Grantham and a special jury for two days. The plaintiff was Mr. James...

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Another Long Motorbus Trip and

On Wednesday of last week, at the invitation of Mr. Bernard Hopps, a representative of this journal accompanied the British...

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News and Comment.

This Journal has the largest and most valuable circulation amongst users and prospective users : the regular circulation now...

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The Comfort of Motorbus Passengers. The Editor, " THE COMMERCIAL MOTOR." Sir :—I should like to point out to those in...

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R.A.C. Trials: Mr. Henry Sturmey's Views.

Now that the issue of the long deliberations of the Committee on the Commercial Vehicle Trials is available, we can examine the...

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The Road Conference at Olympia.

Abstracts from the Papers (continued). How Ear is Skidding Due to the Lack of Proper Street Cleansing? By E. SHRAPNELL...

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Autogenous Welding by Means of the Oxy Acetylene Blowpipe.

Scarcely have members of the engineering trades become well acquainted with the many uses of the ox-hydrogen blowpipe, before a...

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Instructions to Drivers.

A motor wagon, which has to run on rough country roads, exposed to grit and mud, does far more hard work than a locomotive,...

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Effect of Size on Thermal Efficiency of Motors.*

The Council of the Institution of Automobile Engineers appears to be determined to put before the members as much information...

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The Motor Drivers News.

Spring Washers are Necessary. \V. M." (Manchester) sends the following for the Drivers News :—" I should like to impress the...

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Patents Completed.

STARTING DEVICE.-Johnson.-No, 19,789, dated 5th September, 1906.-Explosive mixture, under pressure, is adnutted to the cylinder...