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7th May 1943
7th May 1943
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Page 1, 7th May 1943

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Another Clear Warning

0 N many occasions we have referred to the possibility of the nationalization of transport. This has, for a long time, been one...

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A Peep Into the Future?

y EARS ago the vagaries of semi-skilled, uncontrolled road surveyors were brought into the limelight by the rapid extension of...

Passing CoMments

W E recently attended an interesting demonstration of what is claimed to be an improv e'd and simplified of detecting fissures,...

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One Hears— Of authority priority.

Of Louis Hopps being fined for driving a taxi from London to Luton. That in future his hops will have to be shorter. That...

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News of the Week

AUSTRALIA TO BUILD VEHICLES? T HE Executive Committee of the Motor Export Group, S.M.M.T., is considering a question asked by...

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Mr. Pye Answers Some Questions on Hiring Terms

A BOMBARDMENT of questions was answered by Mr. J. F. E. Pye, chairman of the S.J.C. Finance Panel, when he spoke, last week at...

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A.R.O. Stages a "United Front" Meeting

A BOUT 200 Yorkshire haulage operators attended what Mr. R. E. Britton, of hull, chairman of A.R.O.'s Yorkshire Area, described...

250,000 Motor Vehicles to be Broken Up

T HE Ministry of Works has announced that during the next 18 months some 250,000 disused Motorcars and other vehicles will be...

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The Minister's Conditions of Carriage

These Apply to all Controlled Undertakings, which will Cancel Their Present Conditions: They Concern Every Class of Carriage...

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Makers Combine to Produce Standard Electric Vehicle

Although Restrictions on Output Prevent Big Production the Scheme is of Considerable Interest R EFERENCE to the specification...

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Politics of War-time Rubber

Important Factors . Arising Out of the Present Set-up in the Rubber Industry and What the World Position May Be After the War...

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A s a complete novice in commercial-motor matters 1 find myself somewhat hesitant when I approach the task of describing the...

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OPINIONS and QUERIES HOW THOMAS TILLING SET A PRECEDENT T HE time-saving idea of a young bus driver, who died

just 50 years ago this year, is proving a rubber-saving idea to-day. When, at the age of 25, Thomas Tilling drove his first bus...

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Present and Future Control of Min Power

An Interesting and Informative Survey of the Labour Policy of the Government and How it is Likely to Affect Industry in the...

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Inlet Restriction to Govern Injection Pump

A Resume' of Patent Specifications That Have Recently Been Published I N patent 'No. 551,869 by S. A. Adolphe Saurer, Arbon,...