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6th October 1944
6th October 1944
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Page 1, 6th October 1944

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What Will Power Our Vehicles?

W HAT does the future hold in connection with the motive power of commercial vehicles? Until this war the vast majority had...

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Passing Comments

A.A. and R.A.C. 'THE R.A.C. and A.A. have Plea for a Basic I combined in a plea to the Ration Minister of Fuel and Power...

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One Hears

That we must still keep the home tyres turning. That the German army now seems far. more bent on evasion than' invasion. Of a...

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News of the Week

COLOUR SCHEME FOR GAS ' ..COMPANIES VEHICLES I N the .gas industry consideration is being given to a colour plan whereby all...

Wages for Sand and Ballast Vehicle Drivers

1 - 1 A SLTB-AGREEMENT of the wages agreement of July 14, 1941, covering the rates paid to drivers of C-licensed vehicles, was...

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Personal Pars

MR. J. A. POWELL, M.Inst.T., has been made traffic manager, at Manchester.. for the Dunlop Rubber Co., Ltd: - MR. G. E....

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Countering Labour Party's Transport Plan

F ORMULATION of a counter-plan to the Labour Party's scheme for State ownership of Britain's transport services as propounded...

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Extended Chassis to Take Removals Van Bodies

A CHASSIS conversion which has a specific interest for those hauliers engaged in the furniture-removals business is that for...

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Lively Performance of t vlaudslay Mogul Mark II

with a Pay-load p REVAILING circumstances are responsible for the fact that we have not been able to carry out road tests of...

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Clever Conversion of a Combine Harvester

a country ,with such a tickle climate as lours. a combine harvester—a machine which cats and threshes the coin in a continuous...

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Incomplete Inquiries Make Difficult Problems

I HAVE, from time to time in these articles, emphasized the importance of inquirers giving me as much information as they...

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A Call to the Small Haulier

They Must Not Panic But Cling to Their Tonnage and Get Together to Form a Strong Barrier Against Encroachment by Subversive...

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Co-operation Not Amalgamation

Welcoming the Editorial Acknowledgment of the Importance of Co-operative Grouping and Suggesting that the Growth of the...

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MAY I entreat thr members of technical bodies, vehicle 11 ' 1 manufacturers and inventors to consider the possibility of...

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Yorkshire Federation Will Not Sign a Blank Cheque

N O immediate action is being taken bt the Federation of Yorkshire Road Transport Employers to implement its Council's...

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Operators Must Prepare for Peace

Many Difficult Problems Will Confront Hauliers and Other By Users, aria Their Leaders Must Live Up to Their Position; ....

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A Floatless Carburetter

A Résumé of Patent Specifications That Have Recently Been Published A CARBURETTER needing neither PI float chamber nor float,...